The Siri and Bek Show

Siri Lindley & Rebekah Keat share stories of how they overcame adversity during races such as equipment malfunction and exiting the swim at the back of the pack to turn the race around and even win world cups and a world championship. The message is never to give up because the race is long and anything can happen if you’re determined and ambitious.

Run for Your Life

The dynamic duo behind one of the leading triathlon coaching clubs in the world Team Sirius Tri Club, Siri Lindley and Rebekah Keat, offer another jam-packed episode of their experiences and advice, this time for the transition off the bike and the run. Whether you’re an Age-Grouper who just wants to finish happy, healthy and satisfied or if you’re a pro and every stride counts to win your race, there are loads of tips here to maximize your run. Siri reveals some of the secrets of her success as an athlete and coach, including top tips for running up and downhill, and Bek shares important nutritional advice for the run; how to train and be prepared for your race, what calories you need and some of the products she used to carry with her on the run. Listen or read the full transcript on WISP

Triathlon Transition and Bike Tips

Siri & Bek have tons of advice and experiences to share for the next stage of the race following on from the last episode, which covered the start of the race and the swim. They cover everything from walking the transition. knowing the course, carrying extra nutrition and thinking about what you crave in training from salt to sugar, applying vinegar to your tires in wet weather and much more. As usual there are great stories from their days racing and with experience comes not only what to do but what not to do. It’s all here plus there’s a blooper from the start of the show which goes to show that it’s always fun to record wit Siri and Bek because things don’t always go right. Listen or read the full transcript on WISP