Become the Superhero of Your Own Life

What if you had the strength and the ability to create the extraordinary life you dream of?

What’s stopping you becoming the superhero of your own life?

Does fear of failure stop you from reaching your potential and becoming truly happy?

Do you want to build stronger more fulfilling relationships with those around you?

Do you struggle to break bad habits and and replace them with habits that serve you?

Do you dream of an extraordinary life that you have been unable to realize?

Did you know my biggest failures have led to my biggest successes?

It was the year 2000 and qualifying to race at the Sydney Olympics was my biggest goal.

I had visualized the perfect race at the Olympic trials, that would result in me crossing the line with my arms in the air in first place.

On race day, the gun went off, I was kicked in the gut, pushed under the water and I had lost the front pack! I had not visualized this!

I swam, biked and ran as fast as I could to catch up but I was going backwards! I had missed my chance to race at the Olympic games.

The first person that came up and asked me what happened, I said “I choked. I absolutely choked.”

What that ultimately led to was many deep realizations that changed the whole trajectory of my life.

It was a devastating failure at that time, but I would not change a thing.

It led to some of the most powerful realizations in my life.

I want to share those realizations with you so you can apply them and become the superhero of your own life and live your dreams!

Here’s what you get if you become a “Superhero” today..

  • 2 Monthly “Superhero” group calls. Hot Seats, Q&As (90 min each)
  • 365 days/year support group with a private Facebook group where you will get personal support on a day to day basis.
  • Access to Siri’s video and resource library
  • Discounted one-on-one sessions with Siri

“Superhero” is for….

Business Owners

Run your business successfully while maintaining a happy and healthy life.


Stay on top of your mental game and get the results you truly deserve.


Be successful in your work, maximize your career and your personal fulfillment.


Build fulfilling relationships with friends and family while learning to love yourself.

Here’s what we will cover..

  • Where your life is now
  • Getting to where you want to be
  • Dealing with low level energy states
  • Being the master of your mind
  • The Body: Health, fitness, energy, vitality
  • Spirituality: Meditation, trust, grace.
  • Relationships
  • Fearless Authenticity
  • The stories you tell about yourself
  • The gift in the struggle
  • Manifesting the life of our dreams

A  group setting optimized to learn and grow from Siri and from each other in a supportive and empowering way.

“Siri has honestly changed my life and helped me realise so many of my dreams. She has helped me tap into potential I wasn’t even aware of and constantly gets the best out of me, as an athlete and human being, every single day.” – Ellie S

I have been in the business of changing lives for the better, for 15 years.

Creating outstanding results all around the world.

Tap into your greatest potential by investing in yourself.

Step into the life you dream of, and the life you deserve. 

Embrace all of who you are and recognize what makes you tick.

Learn how to effectively, and efficiently create the life you dream of!

You can be the superhero of your own life.

I want you to be all you can be and I want to help you get there. 

How to get started?

The monthly price for this group is  $499 but for a limited time you can get your first month for only $149 and then if you don’t think I can help you tap into the potential you know you have inside you just cancel before we start our second month together. 

There will be limited numbers in the group so please signup now if you’d like to be part of it.

Become the Superhero of your own life!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to leave the group?

I understand that circumstances change, I will be sad to see you go but you can leave the group at any time. If you leave before your first month is over then $149 is all you will pay.

How do I signup  and pay?

You can use the button above to signup and add your payment details using a debit or credit card. Once you signup your card will be charged automatically each month until you cancel.

How will the calls be run?

We will be using Zoom for calls and I will facilitate and plan each session that will benefit the entire group.

What times will the calls be?

We will time the calls based on what suits the majority of the group and will be planned in advance. However I ask you to make a committment to yourself and to the group to prioritize these sessions.