Siri’s Athletes

Maricarmen Farias

Maricarmen Farias came to me in 2017. She was eager to challenge herself beyond what she had ever done before. Wanting to grow, wanting to stretch and wanting to truly find out what she is made of.

Anja Ippach

I get inspired by people, their stories and way of life! Luckily in my sport there are so many inspiring people, and I am just happy that triathlon allows us to cross paths and leave footprints – Anja Ippach

Per Van Vlerken

My favourite long distance race is definitely CHALLENGE ROTH. Best short distance race is LEIPZIGER TRIATHLON, my home town race.

Alissa Doehla

I started coaching Alissa in the summer of 2018. What I loved about Alissa from the start was her incredible attitude. She had been through so much in the previous year, but looked upon it all as an experience that she would grow from, learn from and strengthen from. 

Monica Lacometti

I am inspired by things that challenge me. Never ever give up. Stay in the game. Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t do. Believe.

Meg Schaeffer

Meg Schaeffer is an inspiration in every way! An incredible mom, devoted wife, brilliant professor and healthcare executive, and ALL AMERICAN triathlete. Meg has a hunger to learn, to grow, and to SHINE in her life. She inspires me everyday with her commitment to excellence and her passion for life!!