The Bed Head Chronicles

I am in the business of changing lives and making dreams come true. My mission is to positively influence others, to help empower you by connecting you to you greatest strengths. The “Bed Head Chronicles” are a series of short videos I’ve created as a small part of this mission. Please watch, listen and enjoy.

Feed Your Soul

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What feeds your soul? What lights up your life? Why do we sometimes pull away from that which strengthens us, believing we should be able to strengthen even more on our own? My “failure” at the 2000 Olympic trials devastated me. The gift however is that what rose from the ashes of my defeat were some of the most powerful realizations of my life. An understanding of how I was sabotaging my efforts to succeed. Through my pain, I shed all previous beliefs of what it would take to achieve my ultimate goal. I clothed myself with a new focus, a new perspective that emboldened me. It liberated me by allowing me to pursue my dream authentically!!! In a way that fed my soul and allowed me to celebrate each day as an opportunity to show my thanks through my work rather than forcing my way through. Flow not force. I know this is longer than my usual BHC but I encourage you to hear me out. Once you do, ask yourself? Have I been going about my goals in a way that is serving me? Is there a different perspective I could have that would allow me to thrive, not just survive? Am I preparing for the wins and the losses? The ease and the pain? Do I have faith that no matter what comes my way, I will be okay? I will have an answer. I will rose from the ashes. I will fall but get up, dust myself off and know that In falling, I will rise with more experience, more knowledge and a better understanding of what is needed next. What an beautiful gift this life is. Instead of focusing on what didn’t happen, focus on what has happened to be where you are today! Have you achieved things that were only a dream years ago? AppreciAte your journey and allow it to fill you with confidence, purpose and gratitude!

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