Good morning, everyone. And welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles. Today I want to talk about negative people. How many of you have someone in your life that whenever you talk to them or see them after you’ve seen them, you just feel so down, because they’re talking about all the problems they’ve encountered, how tough life is, how sad they feel, they’re talking about their injuries or their sicknesses or whatever it is.

And you leave feeling drained, maybe you or someone. That when you meet up with another person, you talk about everything, that’s gone wrong, everything that’s missing, everything that you don’t want to have happen. Are you that person that is focusing on everything that’s wrong, not on everything that’s right.

Are you that person that’s focusing and dwelling on the problems rather than focusing and dwelling on all possible solutions? Let’s assume that this is someone else in your life and you almost dread having to see this person because you know that you’re going to come back from that meeting, feeling down and depressed.

Here’s the thing be the eagle. There’s this story. Eagles are the most beautiful, powerful birds, right? The only other bird that nips at an Eagle is the black Crow and the black Crow nips at the Eagle’s wings and tries to get it to drop down. It hassles them. It is this, this energy. That’s just trying to bring the Eagle down.

Now the Eagle doesn’t drop down due to the harassment of the black Crow. Instead, the Eagle flies to higher and higher and higher altitudes until finally the crows can’t breathe at that altitude and they drop off. Be the Eagle. If you have someone in your life that is constantly negative or angry or upset about what’s missing what they don’t have all their problems.

Negative energy is contagious, but so is positive energy, but you get to choose, you get to choose how you respond and how do you react to this person in your life? You can ask them more and more about their problems and then add how you can relate to their problems with your problems. Now that’s dropping to that level.

Choose to be the eagle. Choose to in that moment from your side, focus on what you have focused on what you appreciate. Focus on what’s good focus on solutions you’ve come up with to overcome a problem, focus on other people. Here’s another thing, guys, people that are depressed or dissatisfied in their lives.

Most of the time they are obsessing over their own sadness, their own pain, everything that’s missing, everything that’s wrong. And it’s a form of self obsession. I’ve been there. I’ve been that person. One of the most powerful ways to get out of that depression is to stop obsessing over yourself and everything that’s wrong, all the problems you have and instead put your focus outside of yourself. Focus on other people give love, give support, give compassion, give encouragement. Because when you take yourself out of being obsessed with yourself and you focus on another, that depression will lift, you’ll feel better about yourself and you will be having a positive impact on another human being’s life.

Now, if you have someone in your life, that is that negative person that is always focusing on their problems. Number one don’t drop down to their level. Number two, don’t reward the behavior. If they constantly, if every time they call, they have something negative to talk about. Don’t answer the call, send a text.

Hey, can’t, can’t talk to you right now, but then if they have good news, answer the phone, spend the time, talk to them for however long. So your rewarding that behavior. And you can also be an example. You could be an example in conversations with this person, you can say, yeah. You know, times are tough now with COVID and the Delta Variant and all of this, but wow it’s been great to spend more time at home. It’s been great that now that we all wear masks around, you know, we’re not getting other types of bugs. The more you shift to focusing on the positive. The more, you redirect from a negative to a positive, they will witness that and they can learn from that. If you are consistent with that day after day after day, be consistent with your positivity, be consistent with your empowering focus, focusing on what you have, what you want, what you love, what you appreciate, what you can control.

And try to steer away when they want to take you down that deep dark negative path, pull yourself out from going there, elevate higher and invite them to come join you where you are, be the Eagle. You got this guys. We all know. And this has happened to me. Like I said, I’ve been there. I’ve been there in those times of depression and sadness, where I’m focusing on everything that’s wrong and everything that’s missing, but I know better now.

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