Good morning, everyone. And welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles. Today I want to share something that made such a big difference in my life that Tony Robbins taught me, trade your expectations for appreciation and see your entire world change.

Think about this, I remember back as an athlete, I started triathlon, I was 23 years old. I didn’t know how to swim. And my dream was to one day become one of the best in the world. And I made it six years later to the Olympic trials in Sydney, Australia, and I failed miserably. I choked and I was absolutely devastated. I’d been going well, I trained harder than I’d ever trained before I committed my whole life to making this happen.

And I expected that all of that was going to lead me to making the Olympic team. I made the Olympic team, but I was an alternate, which is still great, but it wasn’t my goal being achieved. So in that moment, I was so devastated. About how I failed and I fell short and I didn’t make it. I had this expectation that by this time I would be at the level where I could have qualified.

And then I thought about it six years ago, I was 23 years old and I didn’t even know how to swim and I had these dreams of just becoming proficient in the sport. And I am here six years later. At the Olympic trials, having qualified to fight for a slot on the Olympic team. And it suddenly put me in the space of appreciation.

Oh my God, I can’t believe what I’ve accomplished in these six years. I was, I was terrible at this sport when I started and here I am, my God, I’ve made it to the start line of the Olympic trials. I am so grateful. All the amazing work that I’ve done, all the amazing progress that I’ve made. The fact that I’ve got sponsors and I’m racing professionally and suddenly I was just overcome with all this gratitude for how far I’d come in that six years.

And I started appreciating, and after this race, what I started doing is I stepped up to every start line thinking, God, thank you. Thank you for having blessed me. Incredible mind that is so strong and powerful and resilient that I can fail and be disappointed, but I get back up, I dust myself off and I get back at it again.

The fact that I’ve had the, the relentlessness and the determination and the work ethic to go from six years ago, not being able to swim to now racing professionally. So on the start line of every race, I would say, I just want to get out there and show myself. For all these gifts that you’ve blessed me with God or the universe, whatever you believe in, but I want to get out there and show you how much I appreciate these gifts that you have blessed me with.

And I am, when that gun goes off, I’m going to leave nothing behind everything that I know I have inside of me. I’m gonna lay out on that race course and show you my gratitude and appreciation for what I have and what happened. I started winning. I won one world cup and then another world cup. And then I won the world championships, becoming the number one triathlete in the world in 2001, I traded my expectations for appreciation and my entire life changed.

You may have someone in your life, a relationship, someone that you wish would do things differently or treat you differently or change in some way. And you’re disappointed because they’re not meeting your expectations, get rid of those expectations. You can’t control another person. You can’t change them.

And just appreciate, appreciate who they are. Appreciate the wonderful things about them. Appreciate what you can learn from them. And that will remove so much pain, so much disappointment, and it will lead you to having a much better relationship with that person. A deeper relationship, a richer relationship and a more fulfilling relationship.

Trade your expectations for appreciation and see your entire world change. Thank you, Tony Robbins for that incredible gift of sharing that with me years ago, as so often in my life, it changes everything.

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