Thanks for tuning in to Siri’s Bed Head Chronicles. Your gonna love this. Basically our inner gremlin is our inner judge, our inner critic. And we are far harsher with ourselves than we would ever be with another human being, even if we really disliked them. Now, the thing is that this inner gremlin came when we were kids and it would listen to what authority figures were saying is, is right or what’s wrong, or what you have to do to please people, what you have, what you do, if you displease people, what it’s going to take to fit in.

And it’s that voice that’s always telling you, you know, this isn’t enough. Or, you know, you’re not enough. You’ve got to do this. You got to do that then your critic and your judge. But the problem is that we are now we have way outgrown that gremlin that was there to protect us when we’re kids, but we’re not kids anymore.

We now have our own beliefs. We now have our own opinions on things. We now have our own ways of doing things, but that voice still creeps in. And it’s a habitual way of thinking. It takes over our minds sometimes and reminds us of all the times that we’ve failed or reminding us of why we should doubt ourselves or reminding ourselves of why we’re not enough.

And it’s not a nice voice, but who doesn’t have an inner gremlin.

Have an amazing day!

Siri Lindley