Good morning, everyone. And welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles. Today I want to talk about relationships and that relationship that means the most to you. That could be your relationship with your husband or wife, your relationship with your kids, your relationship with yourself. What is that relationship that is most important to you?

And now I want you to really think and analyze. How you have been participating in this relationship and what kind of a grade you would give yourself? Are you doing an, A plus in this relationship, you’re always present, you’re making time for this person. You’re loving them in the way that they need to be loved.

You’re caring for this person, person supporting this person. How do you grade yourself on your participation in this relationship? Because here’s the thing guys, sometimes life gets in the way of the things that matter most to us, we’re so busy on our careers. Sometimes that we’re not giving the person that matters most to us, the energy, the time, the presence that not only they deserve, but that is needed for this relationship to continue to grow.

So if this relationship that means the most to you, you’re not giving the kind of time necessary. You’re not nourishing this relationship on a daily basis. It’s time to recognize that and do something about it. So many of us, we work hard because we want to take care of that person. That means the most to us.

But if we’re working all the time and we’re not taking care of that person by being present and enjoying life together with that person, we’re kind of failing in that relationship. So really think about how much time are you giving to this relationship? How would you grade your performance in this relationship?

And if you’re not happy with that grade that you’ve given yourself, find ways, even if you’re working so, so hard every single day, find a way to show this person how much you love them, how much they care. Be present when you are together and really work at nourishing this relationship so that it continues to grow and it continues to flourish.

Have an amazing day everyone,