Good morning, everyone. And welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles. Today I want to talk about those things that seem to always happen. Maybe it’s relationships, you always choose the same kind of guy or girl, and you always end up being hurt. Or you hire the same type of people all the time and it never seems to work out.

The thing is guys. I truly believe that the universe or God will continue to give you the lesson until you actually learn it. We need to look at the things that seem like the things where you find yourself saying, Oh, that always happens to me. Well, think about it. Why does it always happen to you? Because what we don’t change, we choose.

Right? So in less we learn the lesson we’re going to continually get slapped in the face with that same lesson. Until we actually learn it. And we actually change the type of people that you’re looking to date or the type of people that you want to hire. So I hope that helps everybody really pay attention to the patterns in your life.

The choices that you’ve made that never really seemed to work out, what do they have in common? Let’s figure out the common denominator and get rid of that. So you can continue to make all the right decisions. That lead you to the success, the joy, the fulfillment that you’re looking for.

Having an amazing day,