Good morning, everyone. And welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles. Today I want to talk about the power of the language that we use. Imagine someone comes up to you and says, Oh, I’m absolutely devastated. And you think, Oh my God. Something’s happened, their houses burned down or somebody died that they love.

And they say, yeah, you know, this client came in and they were unhappy with the services that I provided. I’m devastated. Just using that word that carries such weight, such power, is making this experience for this friend of mine. So awful when okay, a client was unhappy with the service you provided. Yeah.

That’s a bummer. Now, if she looked upon it as a bummer, she’d probably get over it pretty quickly. Right. But when she uses the term, I’m devastated, it makes it so much more painful than it has to be. Okay. So another example could be, you know, you’re doing a workout and you’re thinking, my God, this is just, this is excruciating.

And you’re still talking. So it’s obviously not so excruciating that you can’t talk, but in just saying that this is excruciating, it’s going to make it so much more painful, not just physically, but emotionally than it has to be. So for me as an athlete, if I was doing a session that was really, really hard.

I would say instead, wow, this is really pushing me. This is really challenging me. And that had this pull energy to it rather than this, you know, burden of, Oh my God, this is excruciating, which makes you just want to stop. So think about the words that you use to describe things happening in your life, things that have happened or things that are happening or what you’re experiencing in that moment.

And in the same note, you know, I could be out for a walk and say to my wife, this is absolute bliss. And guess what? It becomes an even more enjoyable experience because I’m calling it bliss, which is just the ultimate. And so that’s what I experienced. We will experience the words that we use to describe.

The things that we’re experiencing in our lives. So choose carefully. Think twice before you use words like devastating or excruciating or hard, whatever it is. Think twice, because it will affect you, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally, choose wisely. Have a great day.