Good morning, everyone. And welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles. Today I want to talk about our coping mechanisms for when we’re struggling or when we’re experiencing emotional pain. So many go-to things like alcohol or drugs to numb the pain. Now the problem with that is number one, it’s unhealthy for your body.

But it’s numbing you also to the potential joy. When you numb yourself to pain, you’re numbing yourself to everything. You’re numbing yourself to the good things in life, to the happy moments, to the things that could bring you potential joy. So you never actually end up getting out of your suffering because you don’t have the experience of joy to help lift you out.

I encourage all of you to feel your emotions, to work through your emotions. Understand that when we are struggling, there’s a lesson in there. We can learn something about ourselves. We can learn something about other people. We can learn something about life because when we go through the pain, we develop a strength, a strength of character.

That gives us a greater ability to overcome similar pain in the future. But most importantly, in going through the emotions, we’re not numb, we’re still awake. We’re still aware. And we can start experiencing the joy from the good things in our lives that remind us of what life can be. It’s reminding us of that compelling future that we all have, that we can move through our pain.

Strengthened through it, learn from it and again, experienced joy in the future. So when you think about numbing, you think that you’re escaping the pain, but you’re really just prolonging it because you’re numbing yourself to the good you’re numbing yourself to the joy. So have the courage to step into the arena of your emotions and to face them head on.

And to know that there is something that you’re going to learn through this struggle and that you will grow and you will become more and your experience of life can again be beautiful. Thank you everybody. Have an amazing day.

Have an amazing day!
Siri Lindley