Welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles. Last night, I was thinking about perfectionism, how so many of us in our lives think we have to be perfect to be successful, or to feel like we deserve love or to feel worthy. But the thing is that perfectionism is unattainable. It’s impossible.

Yet so many of us set these standards that in order to feel like I am worthy of love, I have to do all these things. And we end up getting disappointed. We end up feeling like we’re not enough because we’re trying to live up this standard that just doesn’t exist. So I was thinking of the word perfection.

And in my mind, I was coming up with all these different things that each letter could mean that is not only sustainable and attainable, but can actually strengthen us and see us living happier lives, more fulfilled lives, feeling, knowing our worthiness, knowing the magic we have within us. And this is what I came up with.

So the new kind of perfection to strive for. That’s not only possible but will lead you to live your best life. Is this P for the power of Presence.  When we are present, whether it be with our partners, whether it be with the work that we’re doing in any moment, whether it be when we’re working out, we are our most powerful selves when we are fully present in the moment.

And also when you’re fully present, you’re not worrying about what happened in the future or fearing what’s to come.

E stands for the power of Energy. When we have energy, we can give so much more. When we have energy, we’re more resourceful. And where does that energy comes from? It comes from what we choose to focus on the meaning that we give things. The energy comes from taking care of our bodies, working out, eating healthy, drinking a lot of water. 

R the power of Resilience, never giving up. We all know that in order to succeed, you’ve got to be willing to fail. You’ve got to be willing to be disappointed because when we fail, that’s when we learn the lessons of what went wrong, that’s how we grow. That’s how we make progress. And that’s how we ultimately succeed. Resilience is never giving up. Resilience is taking the lesson, learning from it, getting stronger from it and bringing that into your future.

F the power of Faith or Focus. It could be either one. Faith for me is extremely important. Faith over fear always have faith. Not only that life is happening for you, not to you, but have faith in yourself, trust in yourself, believe in yourself. So I’m going to go with faith, but focus is another of the power of focus is extremely, powerful when it comes to setting and achieving your goals.

E the power of Enthusiasm. We talked about E for energy, but this is enthusiasm being passionate about your life. Being passionate about your mission, being passionate about loving your partner and your friends being passionate about life that’s enthusiasm. 

C the power of Courage or the power of Confidence. Now, the more courageous we are in our lives. When we’re afraid, but we do something anyway, that’s courage. And the more we do that, the more confidence we built. So both of those super important.

T the power of being Thankful, gratitude, appreciating everything in your life, being grateful for this incredible body of yours. It gives you life, this heart, that beats for you every single day, being grateful for the people around you. That love you and care about you being grateful for the roof over your head or the clothes that are on your potty. Thankfulness is so incredibly powerful.

I the power of Intention. I am intentional about every single thing I do every single day. I wake up. And first of all, I think about three things that I’m grateful for. And then I think about how I’m going to, if I’m going to work out, I’m intentional about what I want to accomplish during that workout. I want to go outside. I want to get fresh air. I want to free my mind. I want to just breathe in this amazing crisp there, whatever it is you’re going to have dinner with your husband or your wife or your best friend, be intentional about how you want this experience to be. I want to have a loving time where we talk about, you know, the things that are going on in our lives and we can connect deeply and I can show them how much I love them. The power of intention. So incredibly important.

O the power of Owning it, taking responsibility. It is so incredibly important when we make mistakes or we fall short or we do something. That affects us deeply. You have to own it. What was your partner say? It’s a breakup. What was your part in the breakup? You can’t blame the other person for, for everything that happened. What part did you play? What can you own or say you had a project and it didn’t go as well as you hoped it would. Own that. When we own it, when we take responsibility, then we have self-respect and we’re willing to learn from it because when we take ownership, we’re opening ourselves up to all the learning and growing that needs to be done so that we can get a better result next time.

And then, N the power of being Natural. And to me, that means being fearlessly, authentic. So living in alignment with your values means being authentic. And be fearlessly authentic. The people that don’t like you or appreciate you for who you are. They don’t belong in your life. Okay. So they don’t need to be there in any way. But when you live fearlessly authentically you. You are living in alignment with your values, you are going to be happy.

You are going to be powerful. You are going to be able to achieve all the dreams that you have. And most importantly, you will feel so fulfilled at the end. So you guys perfection. Perfection is unattainable. But if we look at perfection and each letter of this word as being a new kind of perfection to strive for. That’s possible, and it really will lead you to living your best life.

That’s the power of presence, the power of energy, the power of resilience, the power of faith, the power of enthusiasm, the power of courage, the power of thankfulness. The power of intention, the power of owning it and the power of being natural.

You got this guys have an amazing day.