Today, I want to share an epiphany I had as an athlete. An epiphany that was so liberating. And I shared this often with my own athletes. It was on a day I’ve been on a winning streak, and I’ve won four races and on the fifth race, in my mind I’m thinking everybody expects me to win.  I expect me to win. 

But I was having a really bad day. I didn’t feel good. I wasn’t, nothing was flowing and the predominant thought in my mind is what’s everyone going to think about how I’m performing today? And I had this epiphany, nobody’s thinking about me and what I’m doing. Everybody is thinking about themselves and what they’re doing in that moment and what they’re trying to achieve and how they’re performing, who was I to think that every single person out there racing and on the sidelines was only focused on me and what I was doing.

I’m just not that important. None of us are. People naturally are focused on themselves and their own performance and what they’re trying to achieve, what they’re trying to create. They’re not obsessing over what you’re doing and watching your every single move and that, to me, it was so liberating because we so often are worried about, you know, trying to be perfect for everyone else around us.

Perfection is impossible anyway, but we try to be perfect for everyone else around us because we think everybody’s watching us all the time. The fact of the matter is they’re not. They’re focusing on themselves and on their own business. So in those moments, when you’re thinking about trying to be perfect for the world around you, yes, people may be watching and commenting and celebrating your victories and maybe being there, you know, when things aren’t going great.

But you have to know that 100% of the time they’re not focused on you. You keep the focus on you, be all that you are authentically and don’t try and be something that you’re not to please others. Be you and just do the best that you can with what you have in every moment for you, purely for you.

Because what that does in return is when you thrive, when you achieve, when you accomplish the things that you hope to, or grow to certain levels that you hope to have a greater impact on the world, you’ll do that. You’ll have a beautiful and powerful impact on the world whether it’s by inspiring people or touching people’s lives or teaching people things to improve their lives, you will have a beautiful impact on the world but you will remove from that. The pressure of having to be perfect in every single moment.

I hope that helps have an amazing day, everybody.