I just finished an amazing jog in these beautiful mountains here at Hall Ranch in Longmont, Colorado. My wife came with me for 45 minutes and then she went on and did another 45 minutes. But the whole time, of course I was feeling so deeply grateful and I was thinking about Christmas and the holidays and how it’s such an amazing time where we all give one another so much love and kindness, and our presence.

It’s such a beautiful time of year. But what I’m thinking is don’t save all your love and all your presence for the holidays. They only come around once a year. How about every single day? You show your love. You give a hug. You give your presence.  You give your time and you give your energy and share that love every single day let’s make every day, a beautiful holiday to celebrate ourselves, to celebrate one another.

Celebrate this beautiful gift of life and to give love in abundance, to give love with no boundaries, to be kind to the people you love and to perfect strangers, let’s extend that kindness and that love every single day of the year, because we know we all need it. We all need that love. We all love it when people are kind to us and it feels so good to be kind to others.

Let’s make every day a beautiful holiday of love, gratitude, giving, and grace.