Today, I want to ask you, is there someone in your life that frustrates you, they frustrate you because you are not living in life, the way you feel they should be. They frustrate you because you feel like they’re throwing their life away. Now in this situation, you have to understand that you’re placing a judgment on that person.

You’re assuming that unless they live life the way that you think they should live life, that they’re living life wrong. And that’s a big mistake. And what usually happens with us when we have someone in our lives like that is that we try to change them. We try to fix them. We try to do something to show them the way and it never works.

And we get frustrated and we get angry and we end up resenting that person. What if the solution was to love that person for exactly who they are? And to not try and change that person, but learn from that person. What is their presence in your life teaching you about you? I know for me, this person has shown me that I am someone that likes to fix things.

I like to fix things, but in that situation, it’s not my place to fix. Because in their opinion, there’s nothing to be fixed. They are living life in a way that feels right to them. They are living life in a way that feels authentic to them and I have no right to judge that and decide whether it’s right or wrong because that’s their path, that’s their journey.

And so what I realized, going in to just learn from this person, Is that the reason why it upsets me so much is that I want to change it. I want to fix it. I want to make it different, but it’s not my place to do so. So if you have someone in your life that you have a situation like this with don’t go into change that person.

Learn from them, appreciate them for who they are and the way they want to live their lives. Because maybe for them, they’re living the life of their dreams and it’s good for them. We all should live the lives of our dreams. Don’t go in to judge, go in to appreciate, go in to learn from them.

What are they teaching you about you? And the change comes from within us, removing that judgment, removing that belief that things need to be a certain way for everyone that’s in our inner circle. That’s just not the way it is. Everyone who comes into our lives is there for a purpose. I believe they are there to teach us things about ourselves, teach us things about life and the world around us.

Trade. As Tony Robbins says, and this applies to just so many things in life, trade your expectation for appreciation and watch your world change in beautiful ways. When I decided to approach this person in my life with love and appreciation and acceptance, and just thinking, what can I learn from the way they live their lives?

It’s improved our relationship, monumentally. And has brought both of us so much joy. I hope this helps everyone or at least helps you to look at things a little bit differently. And I think that that will help you a lot. Note, not only in the peace inside of you but peace within that relationship with that other person. 

Have an amazing day