Today, I want to talk about asking for what we need in life and asking for what we want in life. If you’re not willing to ask for what you need and what you want, you’re never going to get it, unless you just get lucky. So often it’s like we sit and we think that the other person or people will know exactly what we need and give it to us.

That is not the case. In life, you have to go after what you need and what you want. As a professional athlete years ago, I used to ask if I had a question about why I was doing something or why wasn’t I doing something? I would ask that question so that I would know, am I missing out on something, or am I not doing this for a reason?

Or what can I do? That’s gonna make me that much better. And with my athletes, I demand that when they have a question about something that they come to me immediately and ask that question so that I can give them the answer and we can both be that much better and that much more successful. Imagine, if I had an athlete and I gave them a program and they had some kind of a niggly injury that they didn’t want to tell me about and they kept training through it and eventually they get injured and they’re out for three months.

What if, when they first had that niggle, they came to me and they said, Hey, coach, this is kind of bothering me a little bit. What should I do about it? My answer would be to take two to three days off. Let’s do some self-massage. Let’s do some kinds of treatments and they’ll be back in a week training again, both of us ended up being successful because they can achieve their goals.

And I can achieve mine as a coach if we don’t ask for what we need, and that can be in a relationship as well from your partner. If you need something that you’re not getting, give them the opportunity to give you what you need by asking for it. Give him that opportunity. No one is a mind reader. We can’t guess what any other person wants or needs.

But when you’re going after something that matters to you, when you want to achieve something or you want to have a certain amount of love or happiness in your life, you’ve got to ask for what you want and what you need. Don’t wait for things to fall into your lap because they’re not going to, you’ve got to step out, believe that you deserve the answer you deserve to ask for what you need and what you want and go out and get it.

This will accelerate your rise to the top or your rise to achieving whatever goal or dream that you have. And it shows that you’ve got respect for yourself and respect for the people that you’re working with, or that you’re in a relationship with. When we ask for what we want and need, we not only give ourselves the opportunity to be the best that we can be, but we allow others.

We give them the gift of being able to share their expertise or be their best selves within that relationship. So guys, step up, step up for yourself, back yourself, believe in you and know that you are worthy of asking for anything and everything that you want and need in this lifetime.