Welcome to the Bedhead Chronicles. Today, I want to talk about the difference between force and flow, forcing things to happen, or to create things or kind of doing it from a place of flow. When I think about my mission to become a world champion in triathlon, that was very much forced.

Because I was desperate to prove to myself that even as a gay woman, I could achieve something spectacular that I could inspire people that I could make a difference. And I pushed to make a point. I pushed to prove something and that was coming from a place of force and yes, it worked and I had amazing results and I became a world champion.

And that kind of force has definitely led to amazing results in my life. But things don’t necessarily have to be done from a place of force. You can achieve just as much, if not more from a place of flow from being pulled to do something, not pushed to do something. The difference is enormous. And what we don’t realize is that we don’t always have to suffer to create amazing things in our lives.

And I have committed myself. To the mission of doing everything in my life, from a place of flow, from a place of being pulled to do something from a place of passion and love and commitment and desire and mission, but not to prove something or because I should do something, but I want it to flow.

I want it to come from my heart. I want to be pulled to achieve these things. I wanna be pulled to make these things happen. The difference is enormous and I think one of the key points is to love yourself enough to know that achieving great things or finding greatness in you or greatness in your life doesn’t have to come from a place of suffering or force or should.

It can come from a place of love, of commitment, of desire, of passion, wanting to make something happen in your life, to create something beautiful in your life, to express the greatness of the beauty, the strength, the power that is inside of you. I believe that when we’re pulled to do things, not only can we achieve that much more.

But what we create is going to be more magnificent than it ever would be coming from a place of pushing or forcing it.

Believe in you.

Believe in the fact that you are more powerful than you could ever imagine.

Believe in your greatness and believe in your worthiness, that yes, you do deserve to achieve and create great things in your life. From a place of passion and love and flow. You don’t have to prove anything. Just be you. Thank you, everyone and have an amazing day.