Welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles.
Today, I want to talk about when we have an ultimate goal that we’re working towards, training towards, working towards — whatever it is.
Usually, what happens is you start out and you have weaknesses that need to be overcome; and until those weaknesses have become actual strengths, we can expect to fail, to be disappointed, and fall short over and over again.
So, how do we measure success along the way to keep us motivated, to keep us confident, to keep us certain that one day we truly will achieve our ultimate goal?
My belief is that along the way — through our failures, through our disappointments as we all know, we learn and we grow the most and we gain a very strong character. Okay?
So, our strength of character is building along the way. I believe that if you can truly be aware of how your character is changing — how you are becoming more resilient, relentless, you’re learning from every lesson, you are changing your approach when you need to, when you know something isn’t working the way you wanted it to or you hoped it to.
So, my belief on this road to achieving your ultimate goal — during those times when you feel like you’re failing over and over again, or you’re falling shorter — You’re not just getting there. Have the strength of character gains that you’re making be how you measure your success. And be proud of that because ultimately that strength of character is going to be that which takes you to the very top. Which basically means achieving that ultimate goal.
So, have an amazing day everybody.
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