Good morning, everyone and welcome to the bedhead Chronicles. Today, I am officially six months from my bone marrow transplant that I had on February 21st of this year. So I am celebrating being six months down the road from that, celebrating being alive and celebrating being cancer free. It’s an absolute miracle. And it got me thinking, you know, now is the time.

Today. This moment is the time to be all that you dream of being. Don’t wait, you may be afraid. You may feel like you’re not ready, but don’t wait. Take that first step. Start now. I was thinking about back when I was an amateur triathlete and I had set this goal that I needed to win the amateur world championships.

If I were to turn pro, like I couldn’t turn pro unless I won the amateur world championship. And on that day I came in third. And I went to the beach that afternoon and Karen Smyers, she was like the best athlete in the world at that time was on the beach and I congratulated her. She just won the world championship on that day.

And she said, how do you go? And I told her, I came in third and she said, Oh, that’s amazing. Congratulations. And I said, no, you know, I really wanted to turn pro, but I told myself that I had to win that race in order to deserve turning professional. And she said, Siri, don’t wait, my God, you you’re doing such a great job.

If you turn professional, if you take that step, yes, you’re gonna be stretched. You’re gonna be pushed. You may be beaten a lot, but it will lift your level. It will make you better. It will push you to be your very best. And so I turned pro, soon after, and it was the best decision, one of the best decisions in my life.

But that the idea is this, that life is an absolute gift. For me, life is a miracle and every single day matters to me. I wanna be all that I can be every single day. Don’t wait to love with all your heart. Don’t wait to believe in you and to go after your dreams, don’t wait to be the person that you dream of being take that first step today, celebrate you because I’ll tell you one thing.

And I realized this more than ever, not just through my career as a triathlete but getting through this whole experience with leukemia. And and my bone marrow transplant is that we are so much stronger than we think that we are. We are so much more powerful than we think that we are. Believe in you. Believe in you now.

Believe in the people around you. Don’t wait to love with all your heart. Don’t wait to give your heart to someone else. Don’t wait to throw everything you have into your dream, yes, you may falter, yes, you may be disappointed once in a while, yes, you may fail once in a while, but that is all a part of succeeding.

We must fail to succeed because that’s how we learn and that’s how we grow. So it may seem scary, but today this moment, take one step towards living that life you dream of and being that person that you know that you are and that you know, that you wanna be and that person that you can share with this world. Start now, life is a gift.

Every moment should be cherished. Believe in you believe in what’s possible. I love you all. Hey. Six months… I believed in this woman and I got vulnerable and I gave her my heart. I gave her my soul because I’ve never loved anyone on the planet as much as I love her. And it was the best risk I could have ever taken.

It was scary. But look what I have now, my soulmate and the love of my life. So six months post bone marrow transplant. Live life to the fullest start now. Believe in you. We love you. We love you. Thank you for giving my wife such great inspiration and encouragement. You guys are awesome. I wouldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you for your beautiful support and, we love you guys. Love heals. We love you.