Welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles. Today. I want to talk about how we treat ourselves, how we celebrate ourselves, how we encourage ourselves or how we don’t. Think about this. Imagine you have a child or a parent or your husband or your wife and you both are going to go out and you’re going to do some kind of a great challenge.

Say, you’re going to go run 10K. You’ve been working hard on this. You’ve been training hard and you’ve got these high expectations and you personally go out and you’d go as hard as you can and you plan it perfectly. You do everything right, but you fall short of what you hoped for. 

Now. I can imagine that you get down on yourself.

You get upset with yourself. You get, you’re disappointed and you tell yourself, darn, what did I do wrong? How could I fail like that? But now imagine that your beloved has done the same thing and they’ve gone out and they’ve given it everything they have, their heart and soul and they planned it perfectly.

They gave it everything they had and they fell short of their goal. How would you speak to them? What would you say to them? Would you talk to them the same way that you spoke to yourself about your disappointment? I doubt it. I bet you would say you did great, you gave it everything you had, you planned it perfectly.  

Next time we’re going to get it.  Next time you’re going to make it. We need to speak to ourselves as we would our most beloved. And that means our husband or wife, our parents, our kids, our best friends. Because it is so important that we are our own biggest supporter in life, that we believe in ourselves, that we love ourselves, that we celebrate ourselves, that we encourage ourselves.

I’ve learned this more than ever over the last six months. I needed to be my own biggest supporter to make it through this and in other situations, imagine, you know, you’ve got a bad habit and you can’t seem to quit, whatever it is, whether it be drinking or smoking or drinking coffee or OCD, whatever it is, this bad habit.

Instead of being hard on yourself and saying, Oh, I’m so how come I’m so weak? How come I can’t fix this? What would you say to someone that you love with all your heart? You’d be encouraging. You’d try to find a solution. You’d be there to help them to let them know that they have everything they need inside of them to eliminate this habit. Treat yourself in the same way.

Love yourself, encourage yourself, believe in yourself in the same way. It is so incredibly important. I hope this helps everyone. Have an amazing day and I’ll see you during the next Bed Head Chronicle.