Good morning, everyone, and welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles. It’s great to be back, My bed head is not quite what it used to be. but going through cancer, you lose all your hair. And what’s crazy is my hair has come back black and curly, and there was not a single person in my entire lineage that has curly or wavy hair. And here I’ve got black and curly hair and I’m so deeply grateful because I have hair and I’m alive and it’s such a gift. So this is what it’s going to be for a while everybody and I thank you for tuning in.

Today, I want to talk about the difference between “having” to do something and “getting” to do something.

If there’s one incredible lesson that I’ve learned through cancer, it’s that when you have been given this gift of life, and I have been given this miraculous gift of life, I am alive and I get to live and everything that I do, whether it’s going to work or working out or everything that I get to do in my life, I get to do this.

It’s no longer, I have to go to work or I have to work out, or I have to do this, and it’s this chore. It’s a gift. Everything I get to do because I’m alive is an absolute gift. I want to share this with you because so often I hear people say, “Oh, I have to go to work and oh I have to work out.”

And it makes the experience something that becomes a chore. It becomes work. It becomes un-enjoyable. But if you just shift your focus to, I get to go to work, I get to work out. I get to take care of my body. I get to take care of the people around me. It changes the entire energy and changes the entire experience for you to something that is enjoyable.

It’s a gift. It’s something you appreciate. It’s something you embrace. So please look at this in your own life. And when you find yourself saying that you have to do something, try and look upon it as, wow. I get to do this. See how that changes your entire experience of whatever it is that you’re doing.

Life is a gift. It’s an absolute miraculous gift. Embrace every moment and make it what you dream it to be. Have an amazing day.