Good morning, everyone, and welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles. I’m out, excuse all the sunscreen and, and the helmet, but I’m out here. And I just did an hour on my bike the most beautiful day for months. Post bone marrow transplant, and all I can think about is just how grateful and thankful I am to be alive.

And I’m marveling at the beauty of this planet. And when someone goes by the other way, and I wave and we smile that beautiful feeling of connection. I just feel so blessed to be alive. And I want to thank all of you because your love, your support, your belief in me has helped me heal. So thank you everyone.

I just really wanted to share this moment with you because every single moment of this bike ride has been the ultimate gift of joy. I love you all so much. Have an amazing 4th of July weekend and thank you. We’re all alive and life is so good. God is so good. Thank you.