Good morning, everyone. And welcome to the bedhead Chronicles. Today, I want you to think about how hard or how easy do you make it for yourself to feel accomplished. I know a lot of people including myself. when I look back at my time in triathlon, I was learning how to feel accomplished just by making progress.

But in the beginning, I’ve felt like I needed to do something absolutely extraordinary to be worthy of feeling good about myself or feeling accomplished or feeling successful. Does it take achieving something monumental before you even give yourself credit for a job well done? Or do you celebrate each step forward each small victory along the way?

Think about it. And how easy do you make it for that feeling of accomplishment or success to be stripped away from you? For example, someone I know in my life does an amazing job in their job, like just does an incredible job and everybody loves her and the reviews are just awesome all the time. And one day she got a bad review.

One day. Did she focus on the thousands of other people? That it said what a wonderful job she had done or did she focus on that one negative comment? She was really focusing on that one negative comment. And that made me think about this, that we really need to build upon our successes to build up our confidence, to build up our pride in what we’re doing every day.

Because every day you’ve been taking one step forward. Is a great victory and his progress and something to feel proud about. And that will give you added strength and added confidence moving forward and really build upon that. But also let’s make it a little bit easier to feel proud of ourselves, to feel accomplished, to feel successful.

Instead of, if you’re an athlete saying when I win that big, huge race, that’s when I’ll feel successful. How about you say every time I take one step closer or I get a little bit faster, I finish, you know, a little bit higher up in the standings. Feel that success feel accomplished, feel proud of that because that’s going to give you the confidence to build up to that ultimate win that ultimate success that you’re looking for.

Let’s make it easier for ourselves to build confidence, to feel proud, to feel accomplished because when you do that, you are building up a strength inside. That’s going to allow you to achieve that much more. Celebrate the small victories. Everybody have an amazing week. Thank you for tuning in, and I can’t wait to see you next time.