As we know, we’re all going through this really crazy time right now, and for a lot of you, and a lot of us, I’m sure you experienced quite a bit of anxiety and worry throughout the day, and maybe fear. I think the important thing to recognize is that that’s very human.

But the other thing to recognize is that we can catch ourselves when we’re in these states, and find something else to think about or do that’s going to actually make us feel better so that we can go from a suffering state to more of a beautiful state.

I know when this happens to me, the most important thing is that you recognize and acknowledge. Okay, right now I am in a state of anxiety and worrying about this. I’m feeling fearful about that and don’t judge it. Let’s get rid of any ‘I should be thinking this or I shouldn’t be thinking that’. Instead, just be an observer of your emotions. As we observe our states and emotions, we actually lessen the power of those emotions over us just by acknowledging them and loving ourselves through it. And basically what I do at that moment is I recognize and acknowledge that I’m in a state of worry or I’m in a state of fear and I make a decision. I make a decision to focus on the present and focus on looking out the window at something beautiful and thinking a good thought and reframing perhaps whatever thought I was having in my head that was causing me to worry or stress.

What are you doing to make yourself feel better when you’re stuck in a moment or a period of feeling worried or fearful or anxious? What are you doing to pull yourself out of it?

Because I strongly recommend and encourage you not to sit there. I encourage you to recognize when you’re there. Acknowledge it then love yourself through it. Be an observer of your emotions and then make a conscious decision to feel better.

So, what I do is I’ll go outside and I’ll go for a walk or I’ll go look at the horses or I’ll write a note to someone that I love and tell them I love them or I’ll say a prayer or there’s this amazing practice called the Serene Mind Practice. You can look that up online. If you read this book, The Four Sacred Secrets, it’s just the most incredible book. It gives you so many amazing tools on how to live in a beautiful state and how to get out of this suffering states and live our lives in a place of peace and presence and joy and love and compassion. So what happens with me if I get overly fearful or anxious in a moment and it’s starting to really affect me physically is I will acknowledge it. I’ll love myself through it. And then I will take three deep breaths and I will imagine this burning flame right in the center of my forehead between my eyes and think centering thoughts and beautiful thoughts and it calms me down and brings me into a place of presence and the feeling usually passes.

Now, we’re all going to be going through this month during the day. We’re going to have moments of anxiety and worry and fear. It’s totally human right now. But we don’t have to sit there. It’s a choice. How you feel like a choice.

I know for me I don’t like feeling bad. I want to feel good. I want to feel happy in as many moments as possible. I want my wellness and my health to be and it’s optimum at every moment. And in order to do that, we need to really watch the thoughts that we’re having in the states that were sitting in. So choose to do something that’s going to make you feel better to turn on some amazing music. Do meditation. There are so many incredible meditations out there. Go out for a walk. Write to someone that you love. Change your mindset and focus on what you have, not on what you don’t have. You have your health. You have your loved ones. You have your home. You have things to do every day. You have motivation. You have inspiration. Whatever it is, focus on what you have and be grateful. Feel grateful for all the beauty in your life. Look out the window and see all the beautiful grace. And feel thankful.

Feel thankful for this beautiful world and the birds that are chirping and the rabbits that are running through the grass or whatever you see. Find that place of gratitude. Find that place of love for yourself and love for others, and find a place of peace. Know that you sitting in your worry, anger, or anxiety is not going to help you. It’s not gonna help anyone around you. It’s human, so acknowledge it. Be an observer of your feelings. And when you do that — when you love yourself through it, those emotions will have a lot less power over you. But make the decision to feel good. Make the decision to be happy. Make the decision to not sit in a suffering state and do whatever you can to bring yourself into a beautiful state, which not only serves you but also all those around you.

I love you all so much. Have an amazing day. I’m praying for all those on the front lines and all of you. Know how much I love you and how grateful I am.

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