Today, I had the most amazing news. This is another example of finding the gift in the struggle. Obviously, this whole Coronavirus has been a really scary thing for all of us. Especially me, having just had my transplant five weeks ago, and being easily compromised — it’s been really scary.

I had been living in an apartment in Denver, Colorado — a beautiful apartment. My mom and my wife have been taking the most amazing care of me. The other day I got a call saying that I would be much safer being at my ranch. 

There’s a rule that says I have to be very close to the hospital for 100 days after my transplant. But, now that all this Coronavirus stuff is happening, when I brought up that I thought it would be a lot safer at home on the ranch where we never see another person, the doctors all agreed.

Yesterday, I got to come home. So, I’m going to be doing my 100 days and beyond, here at home, with my animals. My wife has just been crazily been cleaning the house and cleaning the carpets and taking such great care of me as my mom has been. And the two of them — I know for sure that even being away from the hospital, I know this is going to accelerate my healing and allow me to truly get stronger and healthier and closer to that ultimate and permanent cure to all of this. 

So, maybe, you are also finding the gift within the struggle. What is that gift? Is the gift that you are spending more time with your loved ones or more time with your dog? Is the gift that you have time at home so you can take care of projects that you’ve been procrastinating on or waiting to do for a long, long time?  

Find the gift in all of this. Because when you focus on the gift, the joy or something to be grateful for, it really does relieve a lot of the fears and anxiety that is coming from this time.

So, for all of you, just know that I feel so deeply blessed. I feel so incredibly happy to be home with my wife, my dogs, my horses, my mom right down the street, and with the opportunity to heal to my fullest capabilities. This has been the hardest thing I’ve ever been through in my entire life. It truly has been. But I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned so much about myself. I’ve learned so much about others. As I build up more energy, I can’t wait to start doing more Bed Head Chronicles to share my experiences.

But to all of you, I’m thinking of you. Stay safe. Do all the right things. Take care of yourself. Take care of your loved ones. Know that I love you all so much. I appreciate you all so much. I hope you have an amazing day.

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