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Vision boards and creating the life you dream of!

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So I get admitted into hospital on Friday, and I know I’m going to be there for probably about a month. So what I’ve done is I’ve created some vision boards and also some memory boards so that I am constantly reminded of this incredible life that I live and what I hope for in the future because I am going to conquer this cancer.
I have made the decision inside myself that I want to live to be a hundred years old and live a healthy, vibrant, loving, passionate life where I can give so much to this world and truly make a difference. So I want to let you in on the little boards that I’ve made and thank you to my beautiful wife for taking you on this little tour.
So ‘Captain Siri’ is because I’m in charge of my destiny and I choose to live. I choose to conquer this cancer and I will live happily ever after with the people that I love and care about, and that makes me feel so alive and so full of joy and peace. And that includes all of you.
And this next one is kind of an extension. I thought I could get my whole vision board on one board, but that certainly didn’t happen. I stopped here at four… But these are all the things I love and care about, and that’s family, my animals, my work, what I do, my athletes, things that I love. I love feeling good. I love living from my heart. I love feeling grateful.
And over here, to the things I dream of getting back to. My athletes, my best friends, living my best life. making a difference in this world, being back on my horse, being back running trails with my wife and going to Mexico with my mom and spending time with the people that I love and care about the most in my life. Just being able to make a beautiful difference in this world and to share this life with all of you. And to share my story with all of you, and hopefully, be able to have an impact that makes a beautiful difference in your lives.
And to finish it off, we all have this. And that’s proof. This is me achieving what I believed was an impossible dream. But this is me in 2001 actually becoming the world champion and number one triathlete in the world. This was a dream come true. This is proof to me that I have everything I need inside of me to make what seems impossible now possible. And that is concrete in this cancer and living a long, healthy, amazing life to a hundred years old. Happy, healthy, and thriving in my life.
So thank you, everyone, for being a part of my journey. Love heals everyone. Your love, your support, your prayers are helping me heal. Thank you. I love you all so much.

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