Today, I want to offer up a thought for you because this is something I try and do in my life. I want you to love yourself so much that you only allow yourself to think thoughts that feel good. Basically choosing your own energy level every second of every day, no matter what’s going on around you. Really pay attention to what you’re feeling and your emotions and decide what you really want to feel in that moment.
I’ll start by using an example of my athletes when they’re training really hard or they’re in the middle of a race. And what I always say to them is, you want it to hurt. Because when it hurts, it means that you’re going fast. It means that you’re having an amazing session. It means that you’re having an amazing race. Going fast hurts. So you want to make it hurt. Okay. So I changed the emotion behind that pain or what they would initially find as a struggle when they’re working that hard to keep up or to get to the front of a race. And saying appreciate that and acknowledge that as something that’s great. Something that is strengthening you, something that means that you are doing great.
But in another sense, you know, I’m thinking about next week, I get admitted into the hospital and I’ll be there for the first week doing a very intense, induction chemotherapy and radiation, which is going to be tough on my body, of course. And then I go into my transplant, but the way I’m seeing this is that the first week of induction chemo and radiation is going to make this perfect home for this new bone marrow transplant. It is creating a space so that I can have true, complete and permanent healing.
So this, what I’m going to be going through… who says that I have to suffer? Who says that I have to be in agony or exhausted or feel sick or feel terrible? Who says that that is what has to happen? I’m choosing, and we’ll see how this pans out, but I am choosing to make this an experience where I will know that this medicine going into me is what’s creating the perfect home for this transplant, which is going to save my life.
And I know that if I go in with my — my goal every day is to want to live in a beautiful state in as many moments as possible. I learned that through Tony Robbins. It has absolutely changed my life because I choose the energy frequency I want to live. I choose the energy level I want to have no matter what I’m going through.
But if I choose to live in a beautiful state in as many moments as possible, then how will that change my experience of this thing that’s meant to be so horrible? What if changing our mindset or changing our belief about something can actually make the experience something totally different?
I played around with this. I had gone through two cycles of this amazing clinical trial. The first cycle, the first week I was on a chemo drug and the second drug, Venetoclax, and I felt pretty sick that whole first week. And then you have three more weeks of, not the chemo drug, but the pills and that all worked out fine. My attitude was really good.
The second cycle, I had to go through the chemo drug again with this Venetoclax, and I thought, who says that I have to feel sick? Who says that I have to be nauseous? Who says that I have to feel, you know, exhausted all the time? Who says that? Whose truth is that?
What if in my mind, I say that I am going to feel as well as possible. If I start feeling nauseated, I’m going to go out for a walk or I’m going to go do something that takes my mind off of it. I’m going to fill my heart with something that I love. I’m going to fill myself in everything that brings me joy and happiness and vitality and energy. So that’s exactly what I did on that first week.
Right, when I started to feel really bad, I would go do something that would fill me in another way, whether that was mentally, emotionally, or physically, and I had a great week. And this whole second cycle has been really pretty amazing. I felt pretty amazing for what I’m going through.
So my thought here is that what if, no matter what you’re going through, what if every struggle or every challenge that you are faced with or that you were immersed in, that if you decided that you were going to live in a beautiful state, no matter what, and as many moments as possible that you were going to redefine what everybody thinks you should be feeling going through a certain experience? What if you could do that and change your entire experience of that situation or that challenge?
So again, I go back to what I said in the beginning. Love yourself so much that you only allow yourself to think thoughts that make you feel good. That you reframe things to make you feel good. I don’t know about you, but I love feeling good. I don’t like feeling bad. So I am gonna find every way possible when I’m not feeling good to turn that around into something that will allow me to feel some joy, some peace, some happiness, some comfort.
Now, sometimes that means going from feeling really horrible to not so bad, but other times you can go from feeling bad to actually feeling great. So open your mind to this possibility. Open your mind to the fact that we are so powerful. We are powerful beyond measure in our minds and our hearts and our souls. Create the reality that you want to live. Create your experience of life. Be in control of the energy levels that you choose. Be in control of the thoughts that you think. Being in control of creating the life that you dream of.

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