Today, I want to talk about death and dying. Yes, I know, it’s a horrible thought. But think about it…whenever we are faced with the prospect of our own lives ending, or someone we love either dying or being faced with the possibility of death, what it does is that it inspires us.
It inspires us to work toward living our lives to their fullest potential. It inspires us to want to surround ourselves with love. It inspires us to live every moment, not only doing the things we love but enjoying and appreciating everyone around us.
When we reflect upon death, I believe it helps us to set our priorities straight. We realize what really matters and what we should be giving our time, energy and attention to. We start thinking about presence. We start thinking about releasing fear, worries and the need to control things. We start focusing on wanting to live every moment to our fullest potential — with joy, love, and total presence. We start appreciating every single moment, person and interaction.
Ask yourself: how would you live your life, today, if you only had one week left to live? How would you live your life? What would you change? What would you get rid of?
I bet you wouldn’t spend time worrying and obsessing over things that really don’t matter. I bet you would want to love more and give more and be more present with those that you care about. I bet you would want to give more of yourself so people would remember you — what you gave, what you taught them and how you inspired them. All these things — that is the gift. That is the gift in reflecting on death and dying.
I’m not sitting here talking about this because I plan on this. Sure, one day, when I’m over 100, then this will be something I will deal with. But I am fully determined — I have made my decision that I am conquering this cancer. I will be back because I have so much more that I want to do in this lifetime. But what I can tell you is that being faced with this disease, all I want is to be fully present in every single moment with my wife, mom, pets, animals, athletes, and friends. I want to be fully present. I want to give with all my heart. I want to be able to receive. I want to be surrounded by love, gratitude, and appreciation. I want to let go of all my fears, worries and trying to control things. I just want to live fully and beautifully.
So, contemplate on that today. Try to live your life in that way, always. Imagine the joy and fulfillment that you’ll experience.
Thank you and have an amazing day!
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