Today, I want you to recognize the power of your thinking. The power and the energy you put out into the world, every single day.
Have you ever had a day where you started thinking, “Ugh, it’s going to be such a hard day… Ugh, these things that I have to deal with…these people that are problems…” And inevitably, it’s a hard day.
The energy that you put out there — the experience is going to vibrate and match that vibration you’re putting out and send you the same vibration.
In the journey I’m currently on, I recognize that the energy and vibration I put out every day are going to match the experience that I get back. Every day I wake up and think about how I’m going to live this day. I’m going to feel as good as possible and live in a beautiful state. And I felt amazingly well for what I’m going through…and it’s all about our energy.
When you’re thinking, try and recognize and acknowledge the thoughts that you’re having. If those thoughts are making you feel down and heavy, change that thought and bring that vibration up. Instead of saying, “Ugh, I’m meeting with all these people today. It’s going to be a hard day.” Try, “I’m meeting with all these people that really challenge me. They are bringing out the best in me, and I’m going to learn a lot through dealing with them.”
Or, if you have a hard task at hand that isn’t enjoyable, you can say, “I’m looking forward to challenging myself to take this on because I know it’s going to take me to a place of strength.”
Whether it’s in regards to a family member or friend that comes to you talking about the hard time they are feeling and brings you down, just consider it an opportunity to help this person change their own vibration and energy. Help them see results that match that new higher energy, greater results, and happier times.
One of the things that I’m doing, that a great friend of mine, Mary Ghertz, reminded me of something I did when I was an athlete. When I first started triathlon, I remember I got this cover of Triathlete Magazine and Karen Myers had just won the World Championship and she’s running and the title was ‘On Top of the World’.
I took this cover — sorry Karen, but I took this cover and I put my face on her body and I created a vision board around it. Exactly eight years later, my cover came out and the title was ‘On Top of the World.’  There was me and my body and I had just won the world championship.
This is a form of a vision board and my friend Mary reminded me of the power of these vision boards. So what I’ve done —  I’ve got about 15 magazines and I’m cutting out words that energetically resonate with me. Words like “beauty,” “strength,” “travel” and “beautiful sunsets.” I also included pictures of the things that I love, like me riding my horse, my beautiful wife and I up on top of a mountain after running up to the top, my family, my mom and I on the beach in Mexico. And on this board, I’m putting all the things that I know I will be doing in the future. My favorite things that I know I’m going to be sharing with the people I love most in this lifetime. Pictures of me up on stage and doing what fills my heart with so much joy and that sharing my story and making a difference in people’s lives.
So, this board has everything that I dream of. Everything that I want to create in my future.
So, I encourage all of you, whether you’re going through something beautiful in your life right now or you have a challenge ahead. Create your own vision board. Be able to see what is ahead of you. Be able to see the beauty, the magic, the incredibleness of this beautiful gift of life that you personally are creating through your thoughts, your energy, and your vibration that you’re putting out there. Create this vision board. It is so incredibly powerful. It helped me become a world champion after not even knowing how to swim eight years earlier. It is going to see me conquering cancer.
So, take this on. It’s an incredible project. It’s a creative project. It’s going to connect you to your heart, your soul, your passions, and what you love. It’s going to give you so much incredible energy that is going to see you reach that place and be able to enjoy this beautiful, incredible gift of life the way that you dream of.
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