Today, I want to talk about loneliness. How many of you have had moments where you feel lonely if there’s no one else around you? You try to find something to do — try to watch a movie, read a book, you call a friend or you just try and do something to fill your time?
What if that moment of loneliness is an invitation for you to connect with yourself? To connect with your soul, the things that you love, the things that you dream of or are proud of, or the things you wonder about in the world? What if that loneliness isn’t necessarily a bad thing? What if it was a reminder or invitation to connect with yourself on a deeper level?
I know throughout this process, I’ve had so many opportunities to connect deeper with myself. And I have had some of the most powerful moments I could ever imagine with myself. Again, that means getting out of your head and getting into your heart. Thinking about why life matters to you — the things that you love, that light up your soul, or dream and wonder about, the things that you want to create in your life. Connecting to your soul and getting a real sense for what life is or has been about — what you want your legacy to be in the future and what matters to you.
These moments, connecting to my soul at a deeper level, have been so powerful for me.
A common feeling for a lot of us is that feeling of we’re not enough or we’re not loved. Or that we have to do things, give something or be something to be loved. But the fact of the matter is we ARE loved. We were put on this Earth because we were loved. And we are loved by all of those around us.
These feelings that we’re not enough or not loved are all coming from the mind.
But when you connect deeper with your heart and soul, you come to realize just how loved you are. Not just by those around you, but also by the one you believe created you. I know I am loved by the God and Universe that I believe in. You come to recognize and feel the truth and certainty of how loved you are, and how special you are. But I truly believe that the love we all crave the most is our own. Our own affirmation. Our own self-belief. Our own love and devotion and unconditional love. That desire for ourselves to treat us the way we dream of being treated. With love and kindness and acknowledgement. Feeling seen, heard and appreciated by our selves is so incredibly important.
Often times, we think or know that we’re good enough if someone else says that we are. Or if you get a certain grade on a test, a certain result in a race or even achieve a certain something. That is what will let us know if we’re good enough or not. And we get stuck in this place even though the only affirmation that we need is from ourselves.
It’s when YOU know. You can look at every action that you’ve taken and the good intention behind it. How hard you worked, the effort you put in, the attitude that you give, the intention that you have or the presence that you’ve given others — feel grateful for that. Acknowledge, appreciate and love yourself for that. The affirmation that what we all need the most is from ourselves. And I truly do believe that the love that we crave the most is our own.
So, take those moments where you might think that you’re lonely. It’s not necessarily loneliness. You are craving your own attention and love. You are craving to get to know yourself better and have a deep connection with you.
I hope this makes sense. I woke up thinking this and I wanted to share it. I really hope that there’s something in this that matters to you. I felt really drawn to share this message because it has been changing my life on a daily basis. I’m taking that time to truly connect with my heart, soul, self-belief, and love for myself. So I hope that you’ll all do the same.
Thank you, everyone, and have a wonderful day.
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