Today, I want to talk about how often we ask ourselves the question, “What am I doing wrong? What have I done wrong? What am I missing?” The question of lack. When really, the question should be “What am I doing right? What do I have? What do I need to continue to do? What’s wonderful?”

For some reason, we all tend to focus on the negative when it should all be focused on the positive.

For example, I got through the first cycle of this incredible clinical trial I’ve been on. I’ve made such great progress. But I need to do another cycle.

Now, in my high-achieving brain, I was really hoping to get into remission after just one cycle. It’s really crazy. Well, not crazy… I mean it’s great to have a dream and hope, but that would be a real long shot to be able to do that in one cycle.

This morning, I found myself thinking “what am I doing wrong?” But the real question should have been “what am I doing right?” Let me think about all the things that I do every single day that led me to make such incredible progress in this first cycle of treatment?

I started thinking, “My goodness, Siri! It’s all about what have I done? What do I need to continue to do? What’s been working? What’s been going great?” Because everything has been going great. I’ve been making such great progress. I am going to keep doing the things that I have been doing, and that is trying to live in a beautiful state in as many moments as possible. It’s staying possible and recognizing the thoughts that cause me pain. It’s recognizing and acknowledging those, but then replacing it with the truth.

That truth: I am so blessed to have the health, energy, and strength that I have now.

So what can I need to do that’s going to continuously allow me to feel this energy, strength and good health?

I’m going to continue — if you look up an amazing guy, Dr. Gerry Tenant — look up Healing through Voltage — doing a lot of stuff through voltage and maintain the voltage of my body so that I’m getting everything that I need to every part of my system. Maintaining my positive thinking, praying, do the bio charger daily, walk every day with my mom, wife, and animals, spending time with the horses who are so healing. I am going to continue eating all the right things and taking some of the juices that help my immune system. It’s doing all these things that have led to such tremendous progress in the past month.

So, in your life, instead of looking exactly where you want to be at this point and time, remember where you started. Remember when you had not even taken that first step. Then look at where you are now. Feel proud, grateful and celebrate you. Celebrate the effort, energy, time and intention that you’ve put into this journey. Then ask yourself, “What can I continue to do that I’ve been doing that has led me this far? What can I continue to do that has led me to feel as good as I feel? What can I add to make me feel even better?

Don’t focus on what’s missing. Focus on what you have. Don’t focus on the problem. Focus on all the positive or potential solutions. Don’t focus on what you feel you can’t do. Focus on what you can do.

I’m going to focus on my health, energy, strength, vitality, belief in my doctors, nurses and the hospital, my belief in your love and support and how that’s healing me. I’m going to believe in me. I’m going to celebrate how far I’ve come, the great progress that I’ve made and build upon that.

You can’t always think about what’s missing or where you haven’t arrived yet or where you feel you should be. Focus on how far you’ve come and everything great inside of you — your magic, your energy, and your intention.

‘Intention’ is a huge work, actually. I want to speak about this because the intention that we put into everything is very important.

You can say ‘I love you’ to the person that you love. They can be just words or you can say it with the intention of them truly feeling how deeply you love them.

What is your intention when you wake up in the morning and go to work? Are you just going through the motions and go to work? Or do you say ‘I am going to be the best that I can be for every one of my clients or the people that I work for? Or I’m putting my heart and soul in this mission that I’m on.’

Lay out that intention and you will get so much more out of yourself. The impact will be that much richer, deeper and greater for those around you.

Everything should be done with great intent.

If you take on a goal, you will intend to do everything in your power to put everything you have into this goal and see you achieve it in the future. Recognizing that your intention includes wanting to grow, learn, be stretched and maintain the right mindset that will allow you to make that happen.

So, to all of us, live life with great intention, gratitude and celebrate you every single day. Celebrate how far you have come and the love and inspiration that you give. Celebrate the example that you are. And in that, realize your intention that you take into every single day. You are an example and inspiration for others. Most importantly, you’re there for yourself to bring out the best in you.

Focus on all your greatness. Celebrate you. Be grateful.

Thank you. I love you all so much.

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