Good morning everyone, and welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles.
I was asked yesterday if I always have this positive attitude that I’m going to make it through this and there’s no doubt in all of that.
Let me tell you that in my whole life, I have learned from the great Tony Robbins, many years ago, that the focus and meaning that we give things and what we choose to do about it create our entire experience of life. Where focus goes, energy flows.
In my situation now, if I was focusing on the fact that I’ve got acute myeloid leukemia and that this could kill me, that I could die, and that I’m going to suffer, that’s only going to make me suffer more. I believe that will make it more possible that I don’t survive.
So, I don’t entertain those thoughts. I don’t negotiate with my mind when it tries to blow me down with negative thinking and fears.
But, throughout the entire day, I feel like I’m at the gym trying to build this muscle of replacing every negative thought with a positive one. Replacing every fear with a hope or a belief that everything is going to be fine.
If I do everything right… If I leave no stone unturned… If, every single day, I do everything in my power to release the things that no longer serve me — that means forgiving, letting go of guilt, anger, anxiety, worry and fear, and asking better questions so that I am serving my body and mind to put me in a place that I can best step up to this challenge. I want to make sure that in the end, I am victorious and permanently healed.
But it’s a battle.
None of us are perfect. All of us are going to have worries, fears, and negative thoughts. But the key is building a muscle that will immediately recognize and appreciate that thought but replace it with something that will bring out the best in you. A thought that will serve you, give you strength, positive feeling and positive energy that will then lead you to your best possible result.
So, if you think that in order to make great things happen in your life, you have to have a perfect train of thought or perfect thoughts all day long, that’s just not true.
Even the most incredible people in the world that seem brilliant, happy and accomplished in their lives, also have to build this muscle of having the right thoughts.
Be present in every moment as possible. Live in a beautiful state in as many moments as possible. That’s my goal and strategy here.
To all of you, have an amazing day.
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