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The healing power of forgiveness.

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Good morning, everyone and welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles.
Obviously going through what I’m going through right now, I’ve been focusing a lot on how I can heal, not only my body, but my mind, my spirit, and my soul. One of the things I wanted to speak with you all about today is the healing power of forgiveness.
Think about the people in your life that have either hurt you or disappointed you. Or an experience you had that you feel as hurt you or disappointed you or negatively affected you in some way. It is so very important for us to practice the act of forgiveness. To forgive those people that have hurt us. To forgive ourselves and the things that, maybe, we’ve done that we aren’t happy about or that we’re not proud of.
But the power of forgiveness is incredible.
If you think of it this way, Tony Robbins has one of the most powerful statements I think I’ve ever heard. He said, “When you hold onto the pain or the disappointment or the anger you feel towards someone that is hurt you — when you don’t forgive or when you’re holding onto that, it’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”
Take that in. “It’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”
It’s hurting us. When we hold onto that anger, when we hold on to that disappointment, it eats away at us and eats away at our spirit. It eats away at our soul.
So, it’s so very important to let go of those things.
I feel when people have hurt us, we just happened to catch them at a point in their lives where they’re not at their best or we’re not at our best. There’s a lesson that comes from that. There’s some kind of learning, some kind of a blessing that comes from that pain or hurt.
I know that may be hard for some of you to hear, but I really believe that there is a gift in every struggle and there’s a lesson in every struggle as well. But when we choose to forgive, we are freeing up space inside ourselves. We’re bringing positive energy instead of holding onto negative energy. We are allowing ourselves the capability to heal.
When we forgive, even if we don’t forgive outwardly through words or in-person with that other person, energetically they will feel that forgiveness and they, in turn, will begin to forgive you. You’ll see the things in your life open up because when we hold onto these pains or we don’t forgive certain things, there are blockages.  And we need to remove these blockages. We need to free ourselves from any of those intense emotions that cause us pain or upset. Because when you have a lot of that, it could potentially lead to ailments or aches and pains in your body.
So, my suggestion to all of you — and when you think about this as I said to my wife this morning, I was telling her about this and she said, “Oh, I don’t have any pain or grudges over anyone.” Because the thought allowed her to question within herself if this was really true, she came back to be about 10 minutes later. She realized “Yeah, I could forgive this person for saying this or I could forgive that person for saying that.”
Just at that moment when you use that Grace to forgive someone, it’s not only a gift that you’re giving them, but it’s a beautiful gift that you’re giving yourself. Free up that space inside yourself. Replaced that negative energy with a positive, empowering energy that serves you and that will help you heal anything that needs to be healed inside of you. I hope this helps.
To all of you, have a wonderful day. I love you all so much.
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