Good morning everyone, and welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles.
Today, I woke up thinking about the fact that the past week, I’ve had a really good week. In the past week, somedays I’ve woken up and I feel good. And because I feel good I’ll go for a walk with my mom and all our dogs. Maybe, later on, I’ll still feel good, so I’ll go and I’ll get up on my Peloton and I’ll do a bike ride.
Obviously. I’m not doing anything hard or performing in any way, but I’m exercising. Exercising lifts my spirits. It makes me feel positive. It makes me feel strong. It makes me feel like I must be healing because I’m able to do it.
My point here is that for anyone that’s dealing with a sickness, disease or you’re depressed and think ‘I’m depressed so I should just lie around all day’ — we subscribe sometimes to whatever we’re going through. We think that that should look a certain way. But it doesn’t have to.
My philosophy is that if you feel good, go do something because it’s only going to make you feel better. If you feel bad, take care of yourself. If I feel exhausted. I’m gonna lie down and have a nap or just read a book or just be quiet. But if I feel good, I’m going to go out and I’m going to live life. I’m going to go for a walk with the dogs. I’m going to go hang out with the horses. I’m going to go ride my bike easy, but It makes me feel good. It lifts my spirits.
Now I don’t know about you but the things that lift my spirits are nature, animals, horses, family and being active. That’s what lifts my spirits and makes me happy. So if I have the energy I’m going to go do those things that fill me up so that I have even more strength to step into this challenge that I’m dealing with right now.
For all of us, let’s do less of the things that drain us. Less of the things that make us feel bad. That means worrying. That means being afraid. That means tasks that we do that just simply aren’t serving us and aren’t serving others. Stop doing the things that drain you. Instead, do more of the things that fill you up. Do more of the things that make you happy. Do more of the things that strengthen you. Do more of the things that serve you. And that also means the right ways of thinking.
I talked the other day about how there’s a constant me standing at the gates of my mind allowing some thoughts to come in and some thoughts to just pass by. Because I know that thinking about my fears or how has scary this is or what I have coming up ahead of me and what I have to deal with — that just drains me and makes me feel bad. It scares me. It does not serve me.
So I will acknowledge those thoughts. I’ll recognize those thoughts and honor them. But then I let them go by and I started thinking about the health and energy I have now. I can go out for a walk. I can ride my bike when I feel up to it. Look at the love and support I have. I focus on all the things that I have, not the things that I don’t have. I focus on all the things that fill me up and make me feel strong, not the things that drain me and made me feel bad.
So for all of you do more of what makes you feel good. Do less of what makes you feel bad. That takes discipline and being present with yourself all day long. Do that for you. You deserve it.
Have an amazing day.
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