Good morning everyone and welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles.
Today, I want to talk about the standards that we set for ourselves. Our performance, whether it be in our job, in our sport, our relationships – whatever it is, it depends upon the standards that we set for ourselves. Sometimes we’ll set high standards for our work or sport, and we’ll always do our very best and do everything that we need to do to be the very best we need to be in those things. But then we drop our standards in our relationships or taking care of others, whatever that is.
It is so important in life that we set high standards in every aspect of our life. That means your career, health, relationship, finances, time management, spirituality, and inner peace. All of these.
When we set standards and live up to them in every aspect of our life, that is when life gets to be as brilliant and as beautiful as we dream of.
So, what area in your life had you not held the same standard that you hold for the aspect of your life that you’re most focused on right now? For example, if your career is everything to you right now because you know that if you can do a great job at work, you can make a good living and support your family. You can do all the things you dream of doing in life. But does that mean that when you come home at night to your family, and you’re exhausted and tired for giving everything in your job, that you’re not really present for your family? If that is the case, what I ask you to do is raise your standards to the same level of your career for your family.
That doesn’t mean you have to spend many more hours together. But it means that in the time that you spend with your family, be present. Be fully present. Put your phone away or put it in the other room. Look into the eyes of your loved ones.  Be there.  Be interactive and share in their day. Set those same high standards in your relationship that you do in your career.
If the relationship is where you set your standards are set so high and you’re not really bringing that to your job. If that’s leading to your performance not been so great, or you’re not enjoying your work, then try to set the same high standards in every aspect of your life. Career, health and body, relationships, finances, spirituality, inner peace – set those same standards.  You’ll see that life will feel more beautiful, richer and happier.  Be the best you every single day.  Thank you.
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