Good morning everyone, and welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles.

Today, I want to talk about when we get sick, injured or not feeling our best. How do we support ourselves in those moments?

In the past, when I would get an injury as a professional athlete, I would get angry at that body part that got injured. “I can’t believe this plantar fascitis is this bad!” I would get angry or upset.

Or if we get sick at an inopportune time — rather than beating up on ourselves in those moments, I think it is so important to be kind to that body part, our body, and our selves. Love your self. Send healing energy to that body part or yourself. Allow yourself to recover and heal.

If someone you loved was injured or sick, we go and take care of them. We bring them chicken soup or massage their injury. We love on them, support them and send healing vibes to them.

We must do the same for ourselves.

Our bodies will break down, and when they do, they are asking for something we’re not giving them. Are you giving your body enough recovery? Are you sleeping enough? Are you eating the right food? Are you drinking enough water? Whatever it is, your body is crying out for help in some shape or form.

If it’s an injury, your body is telling you that you’re doing too much. It needs to recover more.

Honor your body. Give it what it needs to recover, get healthy, stay strong and be able to give you what you’re asking of it. We can’t treat our bodies like rental cars (even if you do take care of rental cars). We have to treat them the way we would treat a car that we would just wash and shine every day. Treat your body like the precious vessel that it is.

So, in those moments when you’re not feeling well, have a niggle or have an injury, be kind to yourself. Love on yourself and give yourself what you need to heal, get stronger, get healthy and feel better. Your body is communicating with you. Think about what it needs and give that to your body. But, most importantly, give yourself love. The same kind of love and attention that you would give a loved one if they were hurting in the same way.

Thank you everyone, and have an amazing day.

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