Good morning everyone and welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles.
Today, I want to talk about how to be our very best in those most crucial moments. Whether you are racing in a World Championship and you have 200 meters to go to the finish line with just one person in front of you. If you pass them, you’re going to win that World Championship. Or, perhaps, how can hit that goal time coming under 5 hours in a half ironman and you’ve got 30-seconds to go to make it to the finish.  Or, perhaps, you’re the one that’s chosen to take the last shot in overtime that’s going to determine whether your team wins or loses that game. Or, maybe, you’re in the midst of your biggest pitch that will determine whether your company takes it to the next level or not.
In those moments, how can we be our very best selves?
I’ll tell you one way that we won’t be our very best selves – that is if you’re focusing on “what if I fail? What if I don’t make it? What if I miss?  What if I…?  Any “what if” with a negative finish is not going to help you.  It’s going to disempower you and lead you to not be your best self.
What we want to focus on is “how can I be my best self at this moment?” Being fully present at the moment is everything.  That is where we are most powerful – when we are in the moment.  Focusing on what we can do at this moment now to be our very best selves.
Whether that is the runner in the triathlon going for the world championship win.  Let’s focus on my form.  I’m going to pump the arms.  I’m going to keep my cadence up.  I’ve got my forward momentum.  And I am going to absolutely drive as hard as I can to catch that person in front of me and cross that line. Be in the moment.  Pull all the tools out of the toolbox.
Or, if you’re delivering that pitch for your company, come from the heart.  Come feel why this matters to you.  Be present with the emotion behind it.  Be present with your purpose and mission, then deliver it from that place.  Because if we’re in the past or future, that’s going to take away the power we can give when we are in the moment, fully present, with what we are doing that very moment. Being our best selves at the moment is when we can deliver our most powerful punch.
So, if you’re the one in overtime taking that last shot, don’t think about “what if I miss?” Don’t think about “what’s it going to be like when I make it?” Think about what you can do at this very moment to make this the best shot you’ve ever made. Then focus on your technique, form and the power that you put into it.  Focus with your heart, your soul, your spirit – that is where you will be your most powerful self.
Even though this is kind of a different subject – at any moment, you don’t what to focus on the things that you don’t want. Focus on what you want. See it happening. See it working. Know that you have everything you need inside of you to have or create the result that you dream of.
Everyone, have an amazing day.  Make it an amazing day. It’s in your control.
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