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Today, I want to talk about how motivated we as humans are by trying to avoid pain. How many times have you said “No” when you really wanted to say “Yes” because you are afraid that it could lead somewhere painful? It could lead to either failure or rejection or pain of some sort.  How many times have we backed away from a challenge or said “No” to an incredible opportunity because we were more motivated by avoiding pain than we were to receiving pleasure or joy?
So often — we need to think about this — we make decisions based on fear and that fear is of pain.  Some sort of pain.
I made a decision many years ago, that I was going to start living my life from a place of love and not fear. My life had been ruled by fear for so many years and it sucked all the joy out of my life. All the pleasure out of my life. And it created such anxiety and frustration, and overwhelm, and fear.
And when I made this decision to live my life from a place of love and not fear, it changed everything for me. Because what I realized is that when we avoid pain; when we say no because we’re afraid, we actually are creating so much more pain for ourselves in the future. When we say yes and when we take a chance on us and when we believe that whatever pain we may experience to get to that ultimate goal or to that ultimate place that we’re dreaming of, it will be so worth it. For the joy that we’re going to experience at the end.
So think about this; the decisions you make in your life, if they’re based on fear, please take a moment, breathe deep, come into your heart, and ask yourself, “Is this the right decision?”
Give yourself a second chance to say “yes”, and to be courageous enough to know that you can withstand any discomfort or any pain knowing that what’s on the other side — that joy, that fulfillment, that happiness, whatever it is, will be so worth it.  Because when we don’t act because we’re afraid, I truly believe it can lead to so much more inevitable pain in the future.
I’ll give you a small example. I completely trashed my body as an athlete. I probably did way more than I was actually capable of doing. I took on way more than my body could withstand. And now I feel young and energetic and amazing except I have a hip that just doesn’t work anymore. It keeps me from wanting to run fast and run hard and climb mountains and ride bikes all over the place. And it’s causing me a lot of pain and I’ve been avoiding having a hip replacement, which is what they tell me; and I think at my age I’m not going to have a hip replacement at my young age. There’s no way.
But what I’m actually doing is because I’m afraid. I’m afraid of how that’s going to make me feel. Is that hip replacement going to make me feel old? Well, only if I allow it to. Is that hip replacement going to prevent me from doing all the things that I love? Isn’t that happening already? Already, I can’t run hard, and run fast, and climb mountains, and ride bikes because I’m afraid of what it’s going to take to fix it.
So I said, “yes” because I came back and that I need to practice what I preach. And I thought I’m saying no because I’m afraid. When really all this is going to lead to is more pain in the future when I can do less, and less, and less because the hip deteriorates even more.
So I decided yesterday to say yes. I’m going to have this hip replacement by the best doctor in Colorado. I’m going to get this done so that I can be back running hard, running fast, climbing mountains, riding my bike all over the place. Because I decided to have faith that going through a little bit of pain now is going to allow me to have great pleasure in great joy in the future.
Live your life from a place of love and not fear. That means saying yes to a relationship that brings you such joy, even though it scares you to have to commit. Or saying yes to entering that race that you’ve always wanted to do but you’re afraid that you don’t have enough to get from start to finish. Well, you do. Take a chance on you. When you say yes, you will step up to the challenge. I guarantee you.
My wife and I bought this ranch for Believe Ranch and Rescue, so we could have a place to save these horses and give them a wonderful home where they could live out their lives or be trained to have new homes. Forever homes in the future. We had no business buying this house. It was way over our heads, but we said yes because we knew in our hearts this was the right thing to do for us and for these horses. We found a way. We stepped up to the challenge. We made it so that we demanded more of ourselves so that we could follow through and make this happen, not only buy this place but keep it and be able to continue saving horses.
Don’t let your fear stop you from living the life you are destined to live. Take a chance on you. Follow your heart, live your life from a place of love, and not fear. Have an amazing day.
Thank you, everyone.  Have an amazing day and thank you for listening to the Bed Head Chronicles.
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