How did I stay motivated?  I was ready to actually retire on that day because I found what I was looking for. But we all know, and you’ll find this as you get older, that we are our own harshest critics.  The biggest judges of ourselves.   I knew that few months down the road, I would start thinking maybe that was a fluke.  Did I just get lucky?  Was that really me?
I didn’t want to have to deal with that question. I wanted to prove to me — I wanted to go out and put together one more year where I proved to myself that I’m the real deal.  That I am a winner and I am someone that can set a high goal and high standards and I can step up and be afraid but do it anyway.  That’s courage.  I can go after these dreams and I can hold on to this number one in the world ranking and I can prove this to me, most importantly.
So that’s what I did.  That’s what kept me motivated the next year was wanting to back myself and believe enough in me that even after achieving the ultimate success — this ultimate goal that I had set for myself — that I wouldn’t be afraid to hope for even more.  To believe that there was even more inside of me.  Because your potential is limitless. You may achieve your ultimate dream, your ultimate goal, but instead of having that make you think “Ooh, that’s it. I did it. I got to stop now because that’s it for me.”  I want you to know, I want you to believe that that is just the beginning of what you’re capable of.  That is just the beginning of you realizing the magic inside of you.
So, that’s what’s kept me motivated.  After that, I retired at number one in the world a year later. And because this has been such an incredible road of discovery. And it took me from a place of being If someone had no confidence.  Somebody that was riddled with self-doubt.  She’s someone now and felt safe in my own skin, happy with who I was, and having achieved something that seemed impossible.  All I wanted now was to be able to help someone else that was like me when I started.  Help them find their magic, step into their power, and help them achieve their dreams and goals.
That’s what motivated me.  Because when we discover something that changes our lives and makes us happier human, a better human, I believe that it becomes our responsibility — becomes a privilege and a responsibility to help someone else do the same. Nothing feels better than giving back to this world that gives us so much.  Nothing feels better than giving back to those people that believed in us.  That without those people, we wouldn’t be able to live the lives that we live.  Or achieved the goals that we achieved.  Giving thanks, being grateful and showing appreciation to the people that made it possible and have been on your team is so important.  And it’s also important to pay it forward — do that same kindness and give that same thing to someone else.
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