Good morning, everyone and welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles.
Today, I want to talk about the beauty of fall — of autumn — and how the incredible leaves, no matter where you are, it’s just so beautiful.
But then, suddenly, the trees know it’s time to let go.  They shed their leaves and become bare.  But, what they’re doing is letting go to open up space and availability to have a rebirth in the spring — to develop new and different leaves that are more beautiful than before.
We often forget to find the beauty in our own shedding of letting go of things that are no longer serving us to make room for the things that will serve us.  Or will allow us to find greater joy, peace or happiness.
Let’s learn to be able to let go a little easier.  Loosening our grip on the things that we’re so unwilling to change.  Let’s not be afraid to let go.  But let’s celebrate the fact that in letting go, we’re opening up space for even better things.
I often wonder what blessings or opportunities I blocked by refusing to let go.  I’ve thought about it from so many different perspectives. How is my reluctance to change kept me from something spectacular?
Think about that for yourself.  Were there times when you held on so tightly because you didn’t want to change and let go?  Did you miss out on something that could have truly enhanced your life in some way?
As much as we find such great beauty in nature in the Fall, the trees shedding these beautiful leaves to make room for rebirth in the Spring, let’s try and celebrate the same in ourselves.
Now, I want you to think back to times when you did allow yourself to let go, and how further on in the future you look back and say “Thank goodness I did that.  Because look where it led me.”  Sometimes our inability to let go leaves us in a space where we don’t grow.  We don’t get to change and see how spectacular life can be.
So, as life comes and offers us up all kinds of situations that either force us to change or encourage us to change, loosen your grip a little bit.  Recognize that there will be something truly beautiful in letting go.  Just like the trees in the fall.
Don’t be afraid.  Believe that this beautiful gift of life involves so much of having to hold on sometimes and letting go at other times.  Let’s find the beauty in all of it.
Thank you very much and have an amazing day.
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