Good morning, everyone and welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles.
Today, I want to talk about how we so often acknowledged, appreciate and celebrate the successes or achievements of others so much more than we give our own selves credit for.
For example, a friend of yours who hasn’t been working out very much goes out has a week where she works out every single day and she’s feeling great and she’s loving it.  You would probably be celebrating them and saying “wow, that’s so amazing” My God, that’s so inspiring.  Great job!”  But if it were you, and you hadn’t been working on for a long time, but you’ve been working out every single day for seven days and you feeling great.  You’re doing well.  You’re getting fitter and you’re getting stronger.  Are you celebrating that?  Are you giving yourself the credit for having the discipline, the will the desire, the motivation to get out of bed and work out every single day when you haven’t done this for a long time?
Celebrate yourself like you would celebrate that person that you love so much.
On the same note, say you have someone that you love so deeply and you can see that they’re stuck in a pattern that is just not serving them.  They’re stuck in a pattern that’s making them unhappy.  Wouldn’t you go to them and give them some words of advice to get out of that pattern or to do something differently or to believe in something more?
If that’s what you would tell them and you, currently, are stuck in a pattern that’s not serving you, that’s making you sad, that’s having you feel way less than your best, then don’t you deserve to give yourself that great advice as well?
We take ourselves for granted all the time.
And as much as we celebrate and appreciate and acknowledge the achievements or the improvements of the people that we love so much in our lives, we need to offer ourselves that same love.  That same appreciation.  That same acknowledgment.  And to celebrate those things for ourselves as well.
And in the same note, when we’re stuck or we know that we are doing something that is not helping us or not serving us — think about if this was someone that you loved so deeply was stuck in the same pattern, what advice would you give them?  I’m sure it’s not the advice that you’re giving yourself in that moment.  Love yourself as you would love those people that you love so much in your life because when you take care of you, and I know I talk about this all the time — take care of you.  Love you.  Appreciate you.  Inspire you.  Then you will be able to love, appreciate, inspire and move the people you love to the best of your ability and with all your heart and soul.
Take care of yourself, first.  Appreciate you.  Acknowledge you.  Don’t take yourself for granted.  Look at what you accomplished every single day.
Appreciate you, and as you do every single day, you appreciate the things that you accomplish whether they’re huge things or tiny things.  You build upon that.  And as you build that muscle of appreciating you and acknowledging you and celebrating you, you’re also building your confidence, your self-love, and thus your ability to give to the people you love and care about, give to this world, contribute to this world and truly make a difference.
So, to all of you, as you go through your day today if somebody gives you a compliment and says, “Hey, great job!”  Instead of just smiling and saying, “Thank you” and having that comment go from one ear to the other and out the door, take it in.  “Wow. Yeah, I did do that. Thank you. That means so much to me.”  And then move on.
But have that build you up.  Build up your belief in yourself.  Build up your confidence. And you build up your self-love.  Take it in, acknowledge it, appreciate it.  Because when you give kind words to another or you want to share your pride in them or your appreciation for something that they’ve accomplished, you want to know that they’re taking that in and really listening and really understanding what you’re trying to tell them.  Do that same thing for yourself.
Okay, everybody. I hope you have an amazing day and thank you for checking in with the Bed Head Chronicles and I’ll see you tomorrow.
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