Good morning, everyone and welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles.
Today, I want to talk about a book I read recently by Abby Wambach, “Wolfpack.”
As we all know, Abby Wamback is a legendary soccer player.  She led the US women’s national team to two Olympic gold medals and scored something like 184 career goals.  She’s incredible, and this book is an awesome read.
One of the things I want to talk about today, which I love and is so important to me, is when she talks about pointing to the people that helped make your success possible.
For her, she described it as she would score a goal and point to the person that assisted her in scoring that goal.   Then she’d point to the coach.  Then she’d point to the bench and all her teammates.  Then she’d point to the crowd as if to say, “Thank you.  This couldn’t have happened without you.”
It is acknowledging your team.  It is acknowledging your supporters.
So many of us can achieve the highest levels of success and know that we didn’t get there alone.  We all know that it took the power of the team or it took your village to get you there.
And what I loved about Abby is that she always appreciated and acknowledged her team — those that helped make that goal possible.  Those that helped make that win happen.
Even if it’s just acknowledging the people in the stands who willing you to win and sending you their love, belief in you and encouragement.  That’s HUGE!  It is so powerful.
Pointing to the people that helped you get wherever you are, whether that’s your first teachers, role models, parents, teachers or pets — whoever has given you the strength, helped you be courageous, encouraged you along the way or taught you what you needed to know to get to where you are today — these people deserve to be acknowledged.
We must appreciate them.  We must acknowledge them.
Acknowledge your team, your village, your community, and your supporters.  Because all of us would not be where we are today without the support of our team, our family or the community around us.
So, here’s to Abby Wambach — an absolute legend.  It’s an amazing book.  I recommend it to all of you, but for everyone that has taught me the things that I needed to know to land right here at this moment.  I am deeply grateful to my coaches, my mentors, my athletes, my friends, my mom, my dad, my sister, and my community.  Thank you for pushing me to be all that I am today, and for inspiring me to reach for more.
All of us — acknowledge your team.  Acknowledge your family.  Say ‘Thank you.’  Be appreciative.  Be YOU.
Have an amazing day.
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