Good morning, everyone and welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles.
Today, I want to talk about going first — taking the initiative.
If you ever think to yourself, ‘I wish people were more grateful.  I wish people were more appreciative.   I wish people would follow through with their promises,’ let’s start with ourselves.
It’s up to us to go first.
If you want more love in your life, love first.  If you want more appreciation, be appreciative.  If you want more gratitude, show more gratitude.  If you want people to follow through their word, be the one that always follows through.  Be the one that only makes promises when they know that they will do whatever it takes to follow through and deliver.
We must go first.
Life is now.  Life is happening at this very moment, and we ourselves are responsible for our entire experience of life and how people respond to us and how we get treated in this world.
Give first.  Love first.
If you want more passion, be more passionate.  If you want more inspiration, be more inspiring.  If you want more kindness in the world, be kind.
It starts with you.  Don’t let a minute go by in this lifetime being anything, but what you dream of being from the inside.
If you want this world to be a loving, kind, generous and beautiful space, then be all those things first.
I know you can and I know that the difference that you can make — just you and in the orbit around you — it’s magnificent.
Go first.  Don’t be afraid.  Life is meant to be lived right now, at this very moment.
Follow through with your word.  Be kind.  Be loving.  Be giving.  Be generous.  Embrace every aspect of this beautiful gift of life and share that with the world.
Have an amazing day everybody and thank you for listening.
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