Good morning, everyone and welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles.
Have you ever thought that you’re broken?
I know I have many times in my life, and what I realize now is that none of us have broken. We’re all just human living the human experience.
I believe, at least, when I look back in my own life, that those times when I felt the most broken were the times just preceding a major breakthrough my life that led to something beautiful.
Maybe when we feel most broken, it’s that we’re waking up. That somehow the light is starting to break through the marble that has encased our true selves. And that ray of light is telling us that there’s something inside of us that we’re not seeing. Something inside us that we’re not appreciating. Something inside of us that we’re not using to live our best lives.
I always say this quote by Michelangelo, “I saw the angel in the marble and I carved until I set her free.” That, to me, it just speaks to me because I feel like my whole life has been about trying to find my way home to my truth.
And my marble — being my fears, my anxieties, my self-doubt, my disempowering stories and my focusing on the wrong things — and as I chipped away at my marble with hopes of being able to reveal an angel inside of me.
Every time a little bit more light shone through the cracks, I started to realize that the way I was when God, our creator, or whatever you believe in, put me on this planet, was exactly what I was meant to be.
I’ve got lost along the way trying to be what I think I need to be for other people. To get their love or to get a certain job or to have a certain people think something about me when, really, all I needed to be all along was myself.
Brokenness, I believe, was the feeling of being broken — which again, I don’t believe any of us are broken. I believe instead that we’re just lost and waiting for a light to shine on the path to lead us back home to our truth.
So, the next time you think to yourself that you’re broken, remember that you absolutely are not. But you are, in that moment, receiving a memory of what’s really true.
And that is that you in all your perfect glory, you and all your power, you and all your strength you and all your light are inside of you and you’ve just lost your way.
Find your way back home. Find your way back to your truth. And when you do you definitely won’t feel broken anymore, but you will actually be able to celebrate all the beauty and the gift that is you. And you’ll be able to share that with the world around you, with your loved ones — whether it be your husband, your wife, your sons, your daughters, your parents, your friends, your co-workers.
When we live fearlessly authentically as who we are, the gifts that we share our beyond measure and so beautiful.
So you’re not broken. You’re just being reminded that you need to find your way home to your truth.
Thank you, everybody, and have an amazing day.
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