Welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles.
Today, I want to talk about how each and every one of us — whether we are moms and dads, or sisters, or teachers or coaches, or business leaders — every single one of us is a leader in our own lives. We’re fearless leaders of our lives, first. But all of us can be an example to others.
As simple as being in the grocery store and being kind and appreciative to your account clerk, and smiling and wishing them a good day.
You are being an example to the person behind you of how you can make someone else feel good. Of how you can have an impact on someone’s day.
We all are mentoring those around us. And, so, it’s important to think about our actions. Think about the things that we do. Think about things that we focus on in our own world.
Are we always talking to others about our problems or what’s wrong in the world? Or how awful something is? Or are we always talking about possible solutions to different things going on, and all the good in the world and what we’re grateful for? Or what we appreciate? Because in how we speak and how we act, we will truly impact those all around us.
It all starts as our parents were our greatest mentors as we were kids. And being on sports teams or in music groups or art groups where you look up to the older kids and learning from them what it means to be part of a team, work ethic commitment, passion.
We are constantly learning from all those around us. So, be aware of how you speak and how you act and how you treat others. Understanding that you are a mentor to all those that are experiencing you.
So, shine. Bring everything good you have inside of you into this world. Focus on the things that you know can not only make a positive difference in your life but when other people watch you, you can help them make a positive change on their own.
There are so many amazing things in the world. We are so blessed to lead these lives that we live.
Yes, we could focus on what’s happening in the news and all the things that may be wrong. But that’s not going to influence change for the future.
Let’s bring life into this world. Let’s bring love into this world. Let’s bring faith and whatever you believe in yourself and one another. Let’s be all those things that we hope all those around us to be as well. Because even starting at that level, we can create tremendous, beautiful change in this world.
All of us are mentors. All of us are teachers. Make sure that the example we set is one that is going to impact the world in beautiful and powerful ways.
Have an amazing day.
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