Welcome to the bed head chronicles. Today is the best it gets. This is jet lag bed head. So, forgive me, but please love me anyway. Today, I want to talk about worthy opponents. This doesn’t just mean in sport or in business, but I’m talking about those people that come into your life that caused you pain in some way, shape or form. And I truly believe as I’ve spoken of it before, that people come into our lives for a reason, and that there’s a gift in every struggle. But I want you to think about someone that may have said something to you as a kid, as a teenager, or even as an adult. Somebody that came in and did something that truly hurt you and left a deep wound.
We can choose to own whatever story that we decide to tell about ourselves from that experience. We can choose the story whatever they tell us whether you’re not worthy, don’t belong here, you’re horrible — whatever it is, you can choose that and go on in your life thinking “I’m not worthy. I’m horrible. I don’t belong here.” Or you can choose an empowering story. One like I’m so much better off without this person. I will show them how strong I am, how great I am, how worthy I am by stepping into my power and creating the life I know I deserve. I know I have the power to create it. I’ll — there’s so many stories I can share in this regard.
But you hear the people can come in and be an example, or they can be a warning. And I believe that regardless of whether they are an example and they are warning everyone who walks into our lives gives us an opportunity to grow and learn about ourselves, and those that come in and hurt us, I believe are meant to bring us to a new place of strength within ourselves. Bring us to a place where we choose ourselves. We back ourselves. We decide that this person that tells us that we can’t — that gives us the fire, the leverage, the desire, that determination, the fuel to prove even more that we can. And that’s why I call them worthy opponents. Because they’re worthy because regardless of what they bring, whether it’s joy or pain into your lives, they are — their existence invites you to step into your power, to step into your greatness, to take a chance on me, and I’ve done this many times in my life.
I’ve had athletes leave me as a coach, and it breaks my heart because of what we’ve accomplished together and because I felt that I had such an important role in that athlete’s progression. And in that moment, as a coach, I’m using this as an example, you can choose to say all I must not be a good coach. They’re leaving me because I’m not good enough. Or as I chose, I said I will prove the kind of role I played in this athlete’s life. I will prove it by going out there and achieving just as much, even more, with another athlete.
So, what I’m saying is that you can choose to have these people disempower you, or you can choose to have them empower you and to fuel your fire. To step in your greatness. To step into your truest strength. That’s what I truly believe is the reason behind these people coming into your lives.