Good morning everyone, and welcome to the bed head chronicles. This morning, I want to talk about perspective and how we all have a certain way of looking at things, the meaning we give things — and sometimes we can get really upset if someone else doesn’t share our perspective. But it’s very important for us to always consider all the possibilities of what something could mean to anyone around you.
I guess, for an example, realizing that I was gay. It took me 23 years to come to terms with the fact that I was gay. And for a lot of other people that have the same experience, it’s the same thing. It takes a long time to come to terms with that. Yet, when we tell our families, our parents, our friends, it’s like we expect them to be okay with it right away.
What if we look at it from their perspective? Like, it’s taken us this long to come to terms with it. We have to, at least, allow some time for them to be able to work their way through it. To come to terms with it. I know that’s frustrating, especially when you finally have the courage to come out. But we all need to understand that everybody has a process that in coming to terms with something. And we need to allow that for our loved ones. Not just in that situation, but in any situation.
So, having perspective — I often think to — and this can apply to you whether you believe in God or the universe or whatever it is. But when I look at a situation or a person that may have upset me, I try to look at it — I try to say to myself, “How would God be seeing this? Or how would the universe be seeing this?” And see it in a way “OK. This person is in pain. This person has been hurt that’s why they’re reacting this way.” They could have taken what I said in this way rather than in the way that I meant it.
And, when you think about all different perspectives, you then are able to deal with the situation or come into the situation from a different way of thinking. And, often times, that can create peace in a situation where there wasn’t any. It can create love where there might not have been that flavor before.
But perspective is very important because I truly do believe that as humans, we are all innocent. We all have had experiences. We’re all going through life. We are all going through our separate journeys. And we have to love and respect everyone around us considering that. So, try to look at the world through a lens of goodness. Try to look at the world through a lens of love. And try to look at the world through a lens of compassion. And, I’m sure, that will forever, not only change the way you look at all those around you, but will increase the quality of your life to one that’s loving, kind, compassionate, and at peace with what our hearts really want us to be. So, thank you everybody! Have an amazing day.