Good morning everyone and welcome to the bed head chronicles. People often ask me, how do you have the courage to get on social media with your hair all over the place, no makeup, just getting out of bed?
I am proud of the woman I am today, and I have someone I want to thank for that — Tony Robbins has been my single, most powerful, beautiful mentor. He’s changed my life in every way. And Tony Robbins has given his life to this world, going around and inspiring millions of people, empowering millions of people. He’s the ultimate force for good. The ultimate force for God. The ultimate force for — beacon of light.
Today, my heart broke because Buzzfeed News — a guy named Gary King — have put out this piece of false reporting. It breaks my heart because they’re trying to bring down one of the most beautiful gifts that God has given this world, this Earth, this planet. Everyone who knows the impact that Tony Robbins has not only had on my life but millions of other lives by giving his heart unconditionally, selflessly — he has been a beacon of light for the last 40 years for me. Please, everyone, share the truth. The video that holds the truth of the woman of this intervention that Buzzfeed talks about — the woman is actually on sharing a video on how he has touched her life in the most beautiful way, and how he changed her life for the better. Everybody, truth is power. Tony Robbins — the light will cast out the darkness.
Stuff like this, guys, it happens. People will say untrue things about people that are only bringing good into this world. Why? Why are they doing that? I can’t answer that but what I do know is that Tony Robbins, being the brightest light that I have ever known, is going to cast out this darkness and something beautiful and something amazing is going to come out of this because that’s the kind of man that he is. Tony, I stand by you. Everyone, share the truth. #IStandByTony #TruthIsPower #LightWillCastOutDarkness.
I love you, Tony. I thank you. You’re a beacon of light. You are amazing and the truth will come out. Everyone, have an amazing day and in doing that share the truth. Thank you.