Good morning, everyone. And welcome to the bed head chronicles. Today I want to talk about listening. Some of us may have people in our lives that are going through something that’s really hurting them. Or something they are struggling through. And, sometimes we may think, “Why can’t they get through this? Why can’t they see that they need to do this or they need to do that, and it will relieve them of their pain?” We want to fix things.
I think, one of the most healing and transformative things that you can do for someone is to just listen. Hold them in that space. Be present for them. Listen to what is hurting them, what their struggling with, what their worries are, and let them just express what they are feeling. Just by listening without trying to fix. Listen without trying to be the hero and make the difference and solve the problem. Just listening is going to allow them a space to heal and a space to transform.
We don’t alway have to fix the things that are wrong with our loved ones. Often times we just need to give them the space to work through it in their own minds, in their own hearts, to just be able to talk about it. Let’s just sit there compassionately listening with love and with care. And just by providing that support, just by providing that shoulder to lean on, you’re providing them a space to heal.
So, think about that today if someone comes to you with a problem they’ve had for a long, long time. I know, for me, I want to get in. I want to fix it. I want to provide the perspective that’s gonna change everything. I want to be the hero. I want the pain to go away. But, sometimes, all that’s needed — all that they are asking for — is for you to listen compassionately and with love. To provide them a space where they can heal and transform in their own time.
Have a great day everybody!