Good morning, everyone! And welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles. Today, I’m going to call today kindness and thoughtfulness things which I try to live every day. I want you to experiment with every single person that you encounter today that you greet them with a smile, with appreciation, with gratitude, and with love. Even if it’s someone that has caused you trouble before or brings up really, you know, negative feelings for you. I want you to find the one thing about them that you can appreciate; the one thing about them that you can celebrate, and I want you to treat that person or those people with love and kindness, appreciation, gratitude, energy.
So, your intent for today is step out into the world with a heart that already is so full of love, but direct all your thoughts to what is good in the world. What is good about a certain person. Appreciating and celebrating every single soul that you come across. I can’t wait to hear tomorrow or at the end of the day today. If you can leave me a comment about how your day went, and the reaction you got. I can’t wait to hear from you because living your life in this way, finding the positive, seeing the positive, appreciation, gratitude, love and kindness can change everything. So have an amazing day. I know that you will.